What is the essence of the organization

To organize- It means to unite people or technical means for the sake of obtaining a result, and also to coordinate and regulate their activities, guided by the company's charter.

It is from this definition that the concept of "organization" comes. However, the essence of this category is very diverse. It is customary to distinguish three main areas:organization in dynamics,static organizationandintellectual organization.

Organization in dynamicsis a process aimed at streamlining the elements of a whole in order to obtain a reasonable unity. In fact, these are all possible processes associated with the formation and maintenance of the integrity of the company.

Organization in statics- this is a ready-to-work model of ordered elements. In simple terms, this is a complete system, to which the entrepreneur directs his activity to achieve the goal.

In practice, these two states are interrelated.The process is impossible without the participation of the system, just as the system cannot exist without the influence of any processes. However, organizations in the dynamics put the dominant position, since the system, in fact, is its result.

Intellectual organization- representation or model of the device of a structured system. Under this definition can be understood any project, program of actions that can give an idea about the device or the mechanism of the enterprise. Moreover, the level of the company does not matter. If we are talking about freelancing, then a person can be considered as such a model.

In the classic business world underthe essence of the organizationusually understood as a set of elements and processes that ensure the functioning and profit.

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