What is the difference between a university and an institute?

After the end of the last academic year, applicants face an important question - where to go further to get a higher education? Without him today is not so easy, because, to get a minimally decent position with a pleasant salary, it is very important to have a crust about graduating from a higher educational institution.

Among the many names and abbreviations you need to choose the university that suits you according to all the criteria, which is a very difficult task.

Scrolling through the list of names, the question arises, what is the difference between an institution and a university? Are there any fundamental differences, perhaps, it is more interesting, more difficult and more practical to study somewhere? Let's figure it out.

University in ancient times called the institution, where teachers lived together with students and, in the process of life, mastered the basic sciences, constantly in contact with each other. Today, it is a higher education institution that trains personnel in various branches of science, the number of which should be at least seven. And what about the institute?

The main difference is that it is considered to be a narrow-profile educational institution; usually, training is focused on one specific profile, for example, technical or humanitarian. In general, a university is a more voluminous concept, which may include one or even several institutions.

There are other important points that distinguish these two concepts. What are the features of uni?

  • at least 60% of the entire teaching staff must have advanced degrees.
  • there are differences in scientific activity: for example, research should be carried out in at least five branches of science, respectively, hence a higher level of funding.

The institute is enough to conduct research on the only declared profile. As for the teaching staff, there is enough availability and 35% of academic degrees. For comparison, in the academy this figure rises to 55%.

And what about the end?

In fact, it does not really matter which graduate you are from, an institute, a university or the same academy. Much more important is the experience and knowledge of the teaching staff, the rating of the educational institution, as well as the presence in it of the profile with which you want to further connect your career.

For example, it is not always reasonable to enter a technical college just because it is a university, but, in fact, you have long dreamed of becoming a lawyer. It is quite possible, where it would be more reasonable to enter a narrow-profile institute, which has long been famous for preparing powerful qualified personnel in the same specialty jurisprudence.

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