What is sprayed cork coating

This is truly a universal way to finish any surface. Sprayed cork coating is used to cover walls, ceilings, floors and structures of any complexity and shape. You can apply a layer of any thickness, the more it will be, the better the insulation, protection from noise and humidity.

Method of use sprayed cork coating

The composition includes crushed cork crumb, acrylic polymers and dyes. It is necessary to work with material at a temperature up to -10 degrees and practically at any humidity. When working should follow the instructions exactly. Isocork sprayed cork coating is the most popular, it must be diluted with a hardener before use and filled with a putty gun or an ordinary compressor.

If you plan to apply a thick layer of cork, it is better to do it in several stages, each time waiting for the previous one to dry.It will be better to hold the coating if you pre-clean the surface from dirt and prime.

Spray Coating: price and reviews

The best brand to produce this compound is Isocork. It has established itself in the market as a reliable supplier, Isocork sprayed cork coating is positioned not only as protection against moisture, cold and noise, but also against electromagnetic radiation, fungus and mold. It can be used both for interior and exterior - the cork perfectly tolerates temperature and humidity drops.

Another option - sprayed cork coating �ap �or. It is also environmentally safe, has the same fine qualities. The only negative - for its application will need a special plaster spray gun hopper-kroshkomet.

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