What is interesting to do in Barbados?

Anyone who wants to forget about the daily bustle and find himself in a real paradise on Earth, should go to Barbados. Plan your trip and take into account all the important points to make the trip pleasant and memorable!

What is this heavenly place where it is located?

Barbados is a separate state located on the island of the same name, which belongs to the Lesser Antilles and is located in the east of the Caribbean Sea (it washes the western coast, and the east is washed by the Atlantic Ocean). The total area of ​​the island is 431 square kilometers. The population does not exceed 285 thousand people, among which most are represented by mulattoes and dark-skinned inhabitants. And the capital of the state is Bridgetown.

An interesting fact: for a long time Barbados was considered a British colony, which left an imprint on tradition and culture. And that is why the island is often referred to as "Little England".

Climate and nature

Almost the entire island has a flat terrain and is covered with plains, but in the middle part and closer to the east coast there are mountainous areas, although no volcanic rocks were found in them. The nature of Barbados is colorful, diverse and truly unique: on the territory there are rare tropical plants, dense mangroves, large reed plantations and extensive pastures.

The climate of the island is tropical, but close to the sub-equatorial marine. And since it is complemented by the trade winds blowing regularly from the Atlantic and the pleasant sea breeze, it’s not at all hot here. The temperature is more than comfortable and almost constant throughout the year, it varies from 26-27 to 30 degrees. The wettest period is considered to be all summer and half autumn: at this time, up to 70% of precipitation falls. In addition, hurricanes are likely in summer. The driest months are February, March, April and May. And if you think when to go to Barbados, then it's better to plan a trip for the winter or spring.

How to get there?

The only way to get to heavenly Barbados is by plane. And there are no direct flights, but major airlines offer connecting flights with transfers in Frankfurt or London. The total travel time from Russia will be about 15 hours excluding the connections.

The international airport is located fourteen kilometers from the capital and is considered the main transportation hub of all the Caribbean islands. Not so long ago, the building was subjected to restoration and renovation, so now it is spacious, comfortable and beautiful. From the airport to get to the resort area is easiest by taxi or bus.

For your information! For Russian citizens to stay on the island for a period not exceeding 28 days, a visa is not required. But when crossing the border, any visitor is obliged to present medical insurance for the entire period of stay in the country. In addition, you should know in advance the peculiarities of the customs regime, since the import and export of currency and certain items is limited.

What's so interesting?

What to see a tourist in the island of Barbados? In addition to the magnificent nature there are many interesting places. Here are some of them:

  • The capital Bridgetown is almost a miniature replica of London.
  • St. Peter's County is a luxury beach, fun and large reserve with many plants and animals. And here is the unique Harrison Cave, which will surprise with mysterious lakes, stalagmites and stalactites.
  • Cape Christ Church is a favorite place for surfers and lovers of secluded relaxation.
  • In St. Joseph County, you can visit the gardens of Hunt - a unique tropical paradise, divided into zones and giving peace and real pleasure.

Where to stay?

Most of the hotels are located on the southern and western coasts of the island, and if you want to save money and find a budget hotel, it is better to go south. By the way, this is where most of the nightclubs and bars are located. But the prestigious hotels are located in the west. If you are actively involved in water sports, then you can stay in the southeastern coastal zone, in which there are “wild” beaches with large waves.

How to move?

The main public transport in Barbados is buses that ply the island seven days a week. There are also private minibuses, which are used mainly by tourists (drivers go around the most picturesque places). You can move by taxi, and some popular routes have a fixed cost. But in advance, discuss the currency you plan to pay.

A driver with international law can rent a car, but it is expensive to rent. In addition, driving requires a local permit, and it is paid. It is also worth remembering that the traffic on the island is left-sided.

Things to do?

If you have already visited all the interesting places of the island and are afraid to get bored, then do not worry: there are many entertaining entertainments on Barbados:

  1. Beach vacation. The beaches of Paradise Barbados are a separate issue, and they are truly luxurious. There are places for every taste: the southern coast will please snow-white sand, but the western is famous for its golden. Most beaches are municipal and accessible to all tourists. But there are also hotel-owned sites that only guests can visit. By the way, to strip and even sunbathe topless on the island is prohibited.
  2. You can just stroll around the island, enjoying the views that open, stunning nature, picturesque seascapes. And how beautiful are the sunrises and sunsets! Be sure to meet the hota one.
  3. You can go shopping and buy souvenirs to all your friends and relatives. But the prices on the island are not the lowest, so be prepared for spending.And in Barbados, there are a lot of shops selling quality rum. By the way, in places of duty-free trade you will need to submit documents and a return ticket.
  4. Be sure to try the masterpieces of local cuisine, most of which are represented by dishes from the freshest, almost freshly caught seafood and fish. Cooking all this is done on the grill, and this method gives a special aroma and unique taste. The main drink and practically a tourist attraction of the island is rum. It is served in its pure form and becomes a component of various cocktails.
  5. If you want to pay attention to all the most important places, then get a special "tourist passport", which will allow you to visit all the famous sights with a fifty percent discount. In addition, two children under the age of 12 may accompany the passport holder and will not be charged for them.
  6. The lovers of nightlife will also be pleased, because in Barbados there are many bars, nightclubs and discos, among which there are open ones located right on the sand.
  7. A variety of water sports are available: diving, surfing, snorkeling, water skiing, sailing.By the way, if you want to dive and enjoy the beauty of the depths, then go to the west coast.
  8. From the UK, Barbadians got a love for true English golf, and on the island there are as many as three fields of international reputation.

It remains only to wish an unforgettable trip to the amazing Barbados!

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