What is good heredity


Heredity, which is the ability of all living organisms to transmit their features and characteristics to offspring, has a significant impact on the general physical condition of a person. This is possible due to the carrying of information of the genetic plan.
Each cell contains many genes that direct the most diverse processes of human development. This is called the “genetic code” when a child born has a sum of codes of both parents. These codes are expressed not only in external, but also in the internal signs of a person. Depending on which genes are inherited, each person has certain predispositions to diseases. The better these genes, the less likely the occurrence of one or more diseases. It is good heredity that gives a significant reason to talk about the absence of such ills as hemophilia, Down's disease, and so on. They are transmitted due to poor heredity.
There are diseases for which there is a genetic predisposition. These include diabetes, peptic ulcer, hypertension, and so on. Good heredity suggests that both parents, like their ancestors, these diseases met very rarely, which gives reason to say that they will manifest as a last resort in a child.
Doctors always get acquainted with the parents and some other close relatives of the patient who wants to have a child, because everyone has a predisposition to any disease that was transmitted by his ancestors. However, the better heredity, the lower the risk of its development.


Character is not inherited, but the type of the nervous system, that is, some combination of the main nervous processes, such as mobility, balance and strength. Inherited features have a certain impact on the character, although it is not the main one.
Good heredity suggests that ancestors, especially parents, have a strong type of nervous system. In a child, this will be expressed by the fact that he most likely will not have such negative features as irritability, short temper, and so on.Of course, much depends on education. At the same time, the presence of a weak type of nervous system is not a manifestation of good heredity, since the innate inability to cope even with ordinary stimuli in the absence of proper upbringing leads to the identification of those negative qualities in a person’s character. Thus, good heredity, along with proper upbringing, have a positive effect on the life of the child.

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