What is best for losing weight: strength or cardio workouts?

Oh, this eternal question, on which many professionals and amateurs like to argue! The question of excess weight - at one stage or another of life - hurts almost every woman of the fair sex. How to lose extra pounds quickly and correctly?

Many women adhere to a stable opinion - only good cardio loads are able to get rid of excess weight, because much more calories are burned in the process. That's the way it is, but it would be completely mistaken to think that some jumps on fitness and a treadmill can make you a girl with a perfect figure.

The goal is to lose weight. What to do?

As it turned out, everything is really not so simple, and in order to understand which kind of loads is still more efficient, you need to understand the concepts in more detail. So, what are strength training? These are just the exercises that many women try to avoid in every possible way, once they are in the gym.

They are exercises in which exercises are performed mainly with the use of dumbbells and other various weighting agents. But cardio is called sports, in which the main load is aimed at strengthening the cardiovascular system. It's running, aerobics, walking, cycling, fitness and so on.

The main advantage of strength training is their ability to accelerate the blood in the body well, as a result, significantly increasing the metabolic rate. At the same time, its level still remains elevated for several hours even after exercise - just think, about 12 hours after your body continues to lose calories, and you just relax!

Despite the fact that fewer calories are burned due to power loads for the same amount of time, as a result, the total amount of calories spent will still exceed the number that you can eliminate with cardio loads. And this is not surprising: after aerobic exercise, the process of burning fat instantly ceases, which cannot be said about power. Unexpected conclusion, right?

On average, about 500-800 calories are lost during cardio training, which is certainly not so little. The result will largely depend on the intensity of the lesson and its duration. And what to say, such loads are very useful both for the process of losing weight and for the health of the body as a whole. True, scientists have long proven that only after 20 minutes of intense aerobic exercise, the body begins to use fats as fuel, rather than glucose.

It turns out that in order to lose a decent amount of weight, you need to work long and hard at the limit of your abilities, while no breaks are welcome. This level of endurance is far from being by everyone, and not uncommon, when women have contraindications for long running or other similar stresses.

So, the conclusion: if your main goal - as soon as possible to lose weight and get a slim figure, then it is wiser and best to combine these two types of loads.

Usually this is done simply: the occupation can begin with a short but rather intense aerobic load, but the main part is devoted to power training.

This method is also suitable for those who decided to resume their trips to the gym after a long break. All the trainers agree that it is necessary to increase the load gradually: therefore, at the very beginning, cardio should be devoted most of the time (about 60%), and the remaining time - by force. After a while, the proportions change in the opposite direction.

Why should I swing? My goal is to lose weight

Many women are tormented by this question almost from the first hike to strength training. They literally bypass such exercises, believing that they have come to lose weight, why do they need extra muscle mass? And this is a very serious error, which becomes an obstacle to the creation of a truly beautiful figure.

The problem of cardio training is that after the first hour of exercise, the body begins to expend, including protein, which, in turn, is the main material for building and growing all muscles.

But it is with the help of muscles that the process of burning fat occurs. It turns out, the more muscle mass - the person loses weight faster! That is why it is so important not only to "smelt" excess fat on cardio workouts, but also to build muscle mass with the help of power loads.That is why men can eat a lot more, while not recovering: the whole thing is in a large muscle mass. It turns out, this is another plus in the direction of strength exercises.

A few rules of cardio and strength training

In order to achieve real results, you need to adhere to a specific training plan. For cardio loads:

  • The duration of such training should last at least 40 minutes.
  • At one time to train for more than 1 hour - it is not recommended if you want to increase the load, it is better to divide the workout by 2 times - morning and evening.

For strength training:

  • For training, you need to use projectiles of such weight, so that in one approach you can do no more than 10 repetitions.
  • It is best to conduct strength training in the morning, it is during this period that metabolism is at the peak of its activity.
  • During one workout, do exercises for one muscle group.
  • A couple of hours before a workout is not recommended to eat, and an hour to drink.

In any case, the conclusion suggests one thing - to create a beautiful and taut body, you need to combine these two types of loads. Ideally, 40 minutes is given to one type, and exactly the same 40 minutes to another. That is how it will be equivalent to drive away the fat mass, as well as increase the muscular corset.

But, in any case, choosing a certain type of load, you must, first of all, take into account your own feelings, because classes should also bring pleasure. It is impossible to achieve good results if every training session is a real punishment for you. I wish you success!

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