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What is a badyag, masks from a badyagi, responses of people, frequent questions, the price of a badyagi.

Badyaga - a freshwater sponge, which is a dried colony of coelenterates, has an unpleasant nauseating smell. Probably, today there is no such person who would not hear or did not knowwhat is a badass. All of the fact that it is popular and really works, is one of the most effective means in the fight against stagnant spots, acne.


What is badyaga used for?



Masks from badyag very help with stagnant spots. Masks from bodyguests are widely used in cosmetics for resorption of subcutaneous hemorrhages, exfoliation of freckles and treatment of acne. In addition, badyaga is used as a scrub, although there are many uses of badyaga, let's consider the main ones:


- removal of wrinkles,

- exfoliation of the upper layers of the skin,

- getting rid of scars,

- skin resurfacing,

- fight against cellulitis,

- fight against acne.


Also badyaga allows you to activate the skin breathing and enhance the penetration of additional oxygen through the opening subcutaneous capillaries, and then cleaned pores. Badyagi needles, penetrating into the skin, cleanse it and tighten the pores, thereby reducing the activity of the sebaceous glands.


How much is badyaga - price



If you have never used a badyagu, then you should first buy a gel with a badyag, you will not be able to find it, it is sold in every pharmacy, and the price of a badyag is only 60-70 rubles. If the skin will carry it normally and there will be no discomfort, then you can switch to another method.


Frequently asked questions about badagi:



1. When to wait for the result from badyagi, I want to know when these spots will pass? I have been using for several months and no results.

There are no specific numbers, it all depends on your skin. All different. Someone in a few months, the skin will become white and clean. Someone in two weeks. Be patient.


2. Should the skin after peeling?

No. Peeling does not occur at all. It depends on the thickness of your skin layer, the thicker it is, the more intense the skin will peel off.


Badyaga Fort - Gel from bruises, pigment and stagnant spots

Badyaga forte - Gel from bruises, pigmented and stagnant spots.

3Is it necessary to smear the skin after the mask with a badagi?

No. It is better not to touch it at all and allow the skin to breathe normally.


4. How long should I keep the badyu on the skin?

15-20 minutes is enough, but if you put it on the skin, lightly rubbed it, then after ten minutes you can already wash it off.


5. Is it possible to use the bady every day?

Not recommended. Observe a break of at least a few days so that the skin can rest and be able to independently begin to update. Badyagi needles are stored in the skin for a very long time, and therefore 1-2 more days will act.


6. Do I need to steam out the skin before using badyagi?

No, badyaga and so penetrate the skin.


7. If only you start to use a badagi, how often should masks be repeated? Once a week, twice or more?

With good portability, you can start with two times a week. There may be allergic reactions, so observe the symptoms and then as you like. Those. The first month can be twice a week, and then there is simply no need to do so often. But watch the stains go.


8. By what means is it necessary to take care of the face after applying the body spas? As usual: in the morning, in the evening - cleansing, etc.or nothing to apply?

If the skin after badyagi remains sensitive, then you should relax for a day, if everything is fine, you can continue the treatment and skin care.


Reviews of people on the use of bodyagi



There are many opinions, just like people. If after the first application you see that it does not suit you, forget it. No need to force yourself. If you do not carry the badyagu, then you should not use it. Take care of yourself. Do not follow the risk in vain, there are still a lot of tools that can save you from problems.


It is also necessary to abandon badyagi with hypertrichosis, sensitive skin, acute inflammatory elements, cuts and scratches in places of the alleged application of badyagi. Do not apply around the eyes. In no case do not allow drugs on the mucous membrane of the eyes and nose: dust causes their inflammation. If ingested, rinse with water.


And most importantly: under no circumstances should you use banyag with inflammatory skin. If you do not know what inflammations look like, be sure to consult a specialist.

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