What is statement decoration?

If you want to be in trend and up to date with the latest events of the fashion world, then by all means learn how to complement stylish images with bright statement-decorations!

What it is?

The word "statement" is translated from English as "statement". This term refers to bright and large jewelry that will truly allow any woman to declare herself and draw attention to herself.

The original and supposedly flashy costume jewelry in the trend over the past few seasons, but fashion is cyclical, and everything new is well forgotten old. And if you look at the photos of a century ago, you can see on the women of those times large and rich looking jewelry that is so popular now.

How to choose statement statement?

If you decide to buy a statement-decoration, then follow a few criteria. First, decide which item you want to see on yourself. Remember that large jewelery draws attention to the parts of the body on which it is located, therefore emphasize your best sides and advantages. So, if you have beautiful breasts, you can choose a suspension. The necklace will highlight a graceful neck, and the earrings will draw attention to the face.

Secondly, choose the appropriate size. It must match the parameters of your figure. So, a miniature girl will look ridiculously gorgeous costume jewelry, but it will suit ladies with mouth-watering forms. And the pompous women of the fair sex should not choose small decorations so that such a contrast does not play a cruel joke.

Third, determine the color. In general, a real girl should have jewelry for all occasions, so the colors can be different. So, black and white can be considered universal. The shade can be combined or echoed with any other element of the image or contrasted with clothing and stand out against the general background.

Tip: open your grandmother's chest and try to find something interesting there. In addition, you can combine several small matching jewelry, turning them into one bright composition.

What is the combination of such jewelry?

Fashionable statement-costume jewelry is combined with almost any clothing, and this is proved by the numerous examples that celebrities and fashion designers demonstrate at shows.

A large and bright decoration will complement the evening dress or cocktail dress, but it can also be worn with a blouse and an elegant and stylish costume, but not strict or businesslike.There is a place for massive costume jewelry in everyday life, so experiment and match it with turtlenecks and pencil or sun skirts, with jumpers and trousers, feminine shirts and jeans.

Rules for creating stylish images

How to wear bright and trendy statement-jewelery? There are some unspoken rules:

  1. Statement-decoration will be a bright accent of the image, and in order not to overload the set, combine it with concise and restrained clothing. On a simple background, it will look stylish, but on a complex it can get lost or create a mottled effect, making the appearance ridiculous.
  2. Bright necklaces and large pendants and pendants should be worn with open bustier dresses, clothing with a V-shaped neckline or a boat type, as well as with things that have deaf collars or high necks.
  3. If you decide to wear a bracelet, your wrists should be completely exposed, so choose a thing with or without short sleeves.
  4. Having decided to put on large and prominent earrings, make a simple hairstyle. It is better to collect the hair in the tail or a simple bunch or fold it back and fix it with invisibles: this way, the people around will be able to appreciate the jewelry in all its glory and into the fullest. Make-up should be calm and as natural as possible, but you can slightly emphasize one of the parts of the face.
  5. A striking large ring should be worn only under the condition of a perfect manicure, because with such a decoration it will always be visible. In addition, nail design should be discreet and concise, so avoid complex effects, bright colors and decorations.

If you learn how to choose and wear trendy statement jewelry, you can create stylish images and attract attention.

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