What is a thermal break. Advantages and disadvantages of the thermal door

A thermal break is a thermal bridge made of a material with a low thermal conductivity. He shares the inner and outer sides of the door. Thus, low temperatures, high humidity and precipitation affect only the outside part and do not activate the door from the inside. Consequently, the cold for thermal doors is not terrible. All those who purchased warm metal doors confirm that the heat in the house is preserved precisely because of this unique design of a thermal break.

Thermal break in the door leaf and door frame

Thermal doors and ordinary doors: the main differences

Entrance doors are as follows:

  • By type of material: wood, glass, steel, plastic, aluminum;
  • By device technology: simple, doors with a thermal break, etc.
  • By way of opening: external or internal, left or right, sliding, etc.
  • By the main purpose: fire-proof, burglar-proof, hermetic, armored, etc.

Significant differences between thermal doors from conventional ones are:

  • Reinforced design. The thermal door box is more stable, and the canvas is more dense and heavier;
  • Fittings with a large margin of safety;
  • Additional functional advantages (fire resistance, tightness, resistance to high pressure, etc.);
  • Increased strength of the frame. Ordinary doors are inferior to thermal doors in the strength of the base;
  • Requirements for product quality;
  • Design recurrence. The manufacturer does not focus on the design. All attention is paid to quality control and compliance with the original technology of "thermal break".

Thermo door: benefits that you should pay attention to

Thermal break technology is widespread throughout the world because it gives the door a number of advantages:

  • Saving electricity, heating;
  • Build Reliability;
  • Easy to use;
  • High quality coating;
  • Resistant to condensation, frost, ice;
  • Good isolation from extraneous noise;
  • Fire Resistance
  • Endurance of extreme cold.

Entrance door with thermal break

TERMOsells high-quality and proven doors with a thermal break. Products regularly undergo strict control and have all certificates. Thermo-door models from the THERMO catalog have been tested by real buyers in the most severe conditions of our country and over 15 years have received many positive reviews.

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