What is a small atomizer for?

Modern women are available a lot of different accessories that make life easier. And what is an atomizer, how can it be used?

What is it?

What is an atomizer? This is a small bottle, complete with a spray and a cap. It looks like a miniature elongated cone in which you can store various liquids. Some models have an external reinforced case protecting the glass container from damage. But also the content is reliably protected from exposure to light and oxygen, as it ensures tightness.

How to use?

Consider the basic methods of using atomizers:

  • First of all, such accessories are meant for perfumes, namely for comfortable storage and spraying of their small volumes. So, if you need to take a perfume with you, but you do not want to wear the whole bottle, a small cone will be useful. Also, with its help, you can borrow perfume from a friend.
  • Other cosmetic liquid products can be stored in the atomizer, for example, hair sprays, micellar water, and so on. This is convenient if you are going on vacation or a trip.
  • Another application is the storage of medications intended for topical use, especially antiseptics: hydrogen peroxide, “chlorhexidine”.
  • By pouring into the atomizer mouthwash, you can at any time freshen your breath and clean the mouth.
  • The original accessory, aged in bright colors or complemented by decorative elements, will be an interesting addition to the bag.
  • In the hot season, pouring cool water into the atomizer, you can refresh yourself and moisturize the quick-drying skin.

Get such an original and useful thing as an atomizer to keep up with fashion and make life easier.

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