What is a signature?

Vladimir Shust
Vladimir Shust
February 4, 2015
What is a signature?

On many documents to confirm their authenticity there is a graph in which a person must leave his signature. In this case, the signature confirms the authenticity of the document and the consent of the person who signed it, with all that is written in the document. But there is another concept - the electronic signature. Let's find out what a signature is, what kinds of signatures exist and what are they for.

Types of signatures

First, consider the signature that is most familiar to us, which is necessary for certifying various documents. Such a signature is a unique collection of characters that serves to identify a specific person.

There are several generally accepted signs of a good signature:

  • ease and speed of reproduction;
  • resistance to counterfeiting (the signature is rather complicated so that the attacker can repeat it thoroughly);
  • identifiability and uniqueness (the signature is easily recognizable).

Well, if you want to make your signature more beautiful, this article will help you - How to sign beautifully.

Electronic signature

We hear about such a concept less often than ordinary signatures, but they also exist. What is an electronic signature? In this case, an electronic signature is a digitized version of a personal signature. It is used in the same cases as a personal signature, but it certifies electronic documents. There are also special devices, similar to graphic tablets, with the help of which a person can transfer his signature to a graphic file.

Digital signature

The concept of “digital signature” is somewhat less common and, in fact, has little to do with our personal signatures. What is a digital signature? This type of signature is a special attribute of an electronic document that is created using a special cryptographic key and serves to verify the integrity of the document. Digital signatures reveal fake documents, since making even small changes in the structure of a document entails a change in the original digital signature. Also using a digital signature, you can establish the authorship of the document.

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