What will happen if you do not eat carbohydrates?

The Internet is full of monotonous sites offering universal diets, the authors of which promise you a visible result from the early days. And often these diets are quite strict. This may be a diet devoid of protein, or a diet without meat (bread, eggs or any other product). In this article you will learn about the consequences of one of the most common diets - a carbohydrate-free diet, that is, what will happen if you do not eat carbohydrates.

Proteins, fats, carbohydrates: benefits

From school, we know that food contains proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Our muscle tissues are built from proteins (amino acids), and tissue cells are regenerated. Fats are necessary for the dissolution of vitamins and for the maintenance of metabolic processes leading to metabolism, that is, growth. What are carbohydrates, and why they are needed, you can read here.

The effects of eating without carbohydrates

Many people have a habit: to eat something floury or sweet immediately after waking up.Such products contain simple carbohydrates, instantly convertible into energy. Immediately after you have eaten something from this, you feel a surge of strength. If you exclude from the diet foods containing fast carbohydrates, then to achieve an immediate surge of strength after taking a portion of food, you can not. Neither proteins nor fats can be quickly digested.

Good to know: in fact, even fast carbohydrates cannot digest in a matter of minutes. The effect of instant recuperation is explained by the fact that our brain deceives us so. He seems to give us a feeling of satiety “on credit”, that is, before the energy from the splitting of carbohydrates really stands out.

As a rule, the majority do not have the opportunity to arrange a full meal in the daytime, since at that time people are working. In order for the forces not to end during the day, you must eat food that contains slow carbohydrates. These include cereals, vegetables, wholegrain pasta. Accordingly, with the exclusion of such products from the diet, you will, figuratively speaking, turn into a "vegetable". This is expressed in lethargy, boredom, you may even feel cold.

Good to know: the “speed” of carbohydrates is characterized by their glycemic index. The greater the glycemic index, the greater the proportion of carbohydrates absorbed over a certain period of time. For example, you ate 200 grams of whole-grain cooked pasta, half an hour later, 30% of the carbohydrates contained in a serving were absorbed; on the other hand, you ate 50 grams of chocolate and in 30 minutes 90% of carbohydrates were digested. This means that the glycemic index of chocolates is higher than that of pasta. All figures are conditional.

About a week after the exclusion of carbohydrates from the food will begin the process of catabolism. You will start to lose weight (do not be in a hurry to rejoice). First, it touches the fatty layer under the skin, then the fatty layer around the fascia of the internal organs. The final step will be the splitting of muscle fibers. All this is accompanied by depression and fatigue, gradually increasing aggression. Even if you eat a lot of protein and fat, it does not compensate for the lack of energy.

After a few more days, your senses will begin to dull. Sight, hearing, touch will weaken, apathy will seize you. The feeling of hunger will disappear almost completely.Your body will still be able to sustain life thanks to proteins and fats.

After a month the hormonal background will begin to change. The organism will be rebuilt, the discomfort will disappear, the state partially normalizes.

The human body is able to adapt to the absence of carbohydrates, but such experiments can be fatal. In no case do not exclude carbohydrates from the diet. This will not lead to weight loss, because in the end, such a diet will return the kilograms and bring along "friends". The body will respond with a powerful influx of fat, which will become a kind of airbag in case of repeating such experiments.

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