What gifts to give for 30 years?

The 30th anniversary is a very important and round date. And on such a day, the jubilee wants to please something special and meaningful. But how to choose a gift so that the recipient will like it and not hit the budget? Let's figure it out!

What is guided when choosing a gift?

To begin with, let's designate the main selection criteria:

  1. Floor. It must be taken into account, because men prefer some gifts, and the fair sex is completely different.
  2. Who do you have a hero of the day? If this is a close and dear person, then the gift should be special, so put your soul into it and do everything to show how much you value kinship. A surprise for the second half should embody sincerity and high feelings. If you choose a gift for a teacher or leader, then it should be discreet and show your respect for the hero of the day. And friends can make funny surprises or give something personal, meaningful only for you two.
  3. Budget. If it is small, you will have to look for gifts for a certain amount.If financial opportunities are not limited, then you can buy anything. But remember that too expensive gifts can oblige or confuse the recipient.
  4. The financial position of the recipient of the gift. If it leaves much to be desired, it is better to make useful gifts that a person can use in everyday life. And if a person has everything, then it will be extremely difficult to surprise him. But by the way, there will come individual surprises and things made by themselves.
  5. Preferences and wishes. If they are known, be sure to consider them. If you do not know them, try to unobtrusively find out, for example, during a personal conversation or during a conversation with relatives of the hero of the day, who probably know his tastes.

Universal Gifts

What to give for a birthday for 30 years? There are several universal gifts that will be equally welcome to both men and women:

  • Modern young people will definitely appreciate the various gadgets. As a gift you can present a tablet, smartphone, e-book, digital photo frame or something else.
  • A great gift for a thinking, educated and intelligent thirty-year-old man of any gender will be a book.It can be a rare edition, an antique copy, an encyclopedia, a work of art, a specific literature or something else.
  • Car accessories. Since the owners of personal vehicles can be both men and women, they will all appreciate what makes the car more modern, comfortable and equipped. You can purchase a DVR, navigator, a set of seat covers, parking sensors, and so on.
  • Representatives of both sexes can be active and enjoy interesting entertainment, so a board game or even an active game for adults will be a great gift.
  • You can give a watch, but in honor of the thirtieth anniversary should be presented an expensive and luxurious model.
  • Travel or trip. If you know that the hero of the day has long dreamed of visiting a particular place, then he will definitely be delighted with such a gift and will remember it for a lifetime.
  • If the birthday is a creative and creative person, then he will be happy to receive such an interesting gift as a nominal Hollywood star or an Oscar figurine.
  • An excellent gift from friends or relatives will be a party in honor of the hero of the day, especially if he did not plan to celebrate his birthday.You can fully organize the holiday and make the celebrant an unforgettable surprise, gathering at the same table all the most expensive people for him.

Women's gifts

A woman can give gifts such as:

  • Appliances. A housewife or a young mother will definitely appreciate the multicooker, the robot vacuum cleaner, the modern hairdryer, the food processor or some other device that makes life easier.
  • Certificate in a spa, fitness club or beauty salon. Such a gift will allow the birthday girl to put herself in order, relax or even completely change the image.
  • Gift card clothing store or underwear. Shopping is loved by all the fair sex, and such a gift will allow you to pick up something that really suits the birthday girl and will appeal to her.
  • Jewelry. But they are usually given by relatives and close people, since such gifts require significant costs and knowledge of the preferences of the recipient. But the girl will definitely be happy with the new ring, bracelet, earrings or pendant.
  • Present a photo session to the girl in honor of the thirtieth anniversary. But it should be carried out by an experienced and professional photographer, so that the quality of the pictures was at the height.Also in the price may include services of a makeup artist and a hairdresser, a dress and thematic attributes.
  • The creative person will be glad to dance lessons or vocals. The needlewoman will appreciate the courses of cutting and sewing or something like that.
  • If you know the preferences or specific wishes of the hero of the day, feel free to give her toilet water.
  • A relatively inexpensive, but useful gift - accessories for interior decor: a picture, a panel, a vase, a blanket, a rug or something else.
  • Give a girl a portrait, but certainly painted by a professional artist.
  • Photo collage, which may consist of personal and family photos of the recipient of the gift.

Men's gifts

Sometimes it is much more difficult to choose a gift for a man than for a woman. Hero of the day in honor of the thirtieth birthday can be handed:

  • Expensive pen, which will emphasize the status of the recipient and his position in society.
  • You can give a business man or a serious and business man an expensive case, leather document folder, organizer, wallet or business card holder in a chic binding.
  • Give something for hobbies or hobbies: an inflatable boat, a new spinning for fishing, a hunting rifle, a backpack, a tent or a sleeping bag for hiking, sports equipment,
  • Extreme sports will appreciate the new impressions obtained during the rafting, parachuting, quad biking, airsoft or paintball. Acquire the appropriate certificate (best with an open date) and hand it to the jubilee.
  • Many men are addicted to computers, so they will be happy with computer equipment and accessories, such as a wireless mouse or keyboard, headphones, memory card, speakers.

What gifts are not worth making?

If you want to please the hero of the day on his thirtieth birthday and do not lose face with him and other guests, then find out the forbidden gifts. The first is clothes. Even if it is expensive, released by a global brand or sewn with your own hands, you should not give it, because you can not guess with style, size and style, and as a result the thing will roll in the closet.

The ban in most cases applies to underwear. Such personal gifts can be given only by close people, for example, a spouse or best friend. But in order to please the recipient, you need to know the size and tastes. And sometimes fitting is necessary, therefore it is better to replace the ready purchased kit with a certificate.

Another unwanted gift is a set of personal care products, such as shower gel, shaving foam, shampoo and deodorant. Firstly, all this is trivial, secondly, it does not correspond to such an important occasion as thirty years, thirdly, it may simply not work, because when choosing it is necessary to take into account individual characteristics, such as the type of hair or skin.

Also, do not give perfumes, if you do not know the preferences and character of the hero of the day. The fragrance is an integral part of the image, it must fit the carrier and please him, and if such conditions are not observed, even elegant expensive eau de toilette will remain unused or be overdone.

Take the choice of a present for the thirtieth anniversary with a soul and approach it individually to please the birthday man.

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