Which gasoline is better to fill?

The importance of gasoline around the world is quite obvious. As a person can not live without blood, so the economy of any country will fall apart and simply cease to develop. Every year the world consumes billions of gallons of this necessary liquid. The composition of gasoline includes only molecules of carbon and oxygen, which are connected by chains. Each chain can contain about 7-11 carbons. Gasoline is produced from crude black oil extracted from the earth. Owners of cars, especially beginners, are constantly tormented by the question of what kind of gasoline is better to fill. To do this, consider what types of gasoline are.

Types of gasoline

There are several types of gasoline, which differ from each other in detonation properties. Detonation is the process of rapid combustion in the chamber of the working fluid, resulting in the formation of shock waves. If the driver heard a characteristic sharp knock - it means that the engine detonation process has occurred. Detonation resistance of gasoline depends on the octane number.Depending on the percentage of isooctane, it will become clear which gasoline is better to drive. The higher the percentage of isooctane, the higher the resistance to detonation.

Gasoline containing a high percentage of octane can be obtained using two methods: an increase in high-octane components during the production process, and with the help of an additive to gasoline tetraethyl lead. The first method is more complicated, the second is simpler and cheaper. In the first case, it turns out unleaded gasoline, in the second case - leaded. Tetraethyl lead increases the detonation resistance of gasoline. In the CIS countries today produce the following types of gasoline:

  • A-72.
  • A-76.
  • A-80.
  • AI-91.
  • AI-92.
  • AI-93.
  • AI-95.
  • AI-98.

Gasoline can be: leaded, unleaded, unleaded. They are also available for use in the summer and winter periods.

Leaded gasolines are painted in different colors. For example, A-72 has a pink color, A-76 is colored yellow, AI-93 has a red-orange tint, AI-98 is tinted in blue. Abroad, mainly use premium gasoline, which belongs to the first grade, it has an octane rating of 98-98 and gasoline from the regulator brand — it belongs to the second grade and has an octane rating of 90-94.Some countries produce "Super" gasoline, the octane number of which is 99-102. If the car is foreign-made, it is better to use gasoline with an octane rating of 91-92, for models produced in the 90s gasoline should contain an octane rating of at least 94.

Unfortunately, gasoline quality is different at different gas stations. Therefore, it is better to refuel your car at proven gas stations, and it is desirable that there be one and the same dealer. Many drivers are trying to figure out which gas is better in winter, but ironically, some prefer to fill their tank with 92 brand gasoline, others - 95. It is in winter that it often depends on the type of gasoline whether the car can start. Some drivers do not see a tangible difference between the brands of gasoline 92 and 95. But, ideally, of course, should win A-95 gasoline. Experts recommend using in the winter time gasoline AI-95, especially for those cars that "sleep" in the open air.

Force majeure on the road

Sometimes a situation may arise on the road in which a few kilometers are left to the nearest settlement and gasoline is over.In this case, it is reasonable to ask the question, and what to fill in instead of gasoline? For skeptics, the car is able to ride everything that burns, even if alcohol is poured into the tank, and the higher the degree, the better.

Alcohol is the most suitable fuel is pure medical alcohol or vodka, but it must first be evaporated. Methyl and ethyl alcohols can also be used as fuel.

A great option for filling the car's tank would be kerosene, which will allow the car to accelerate. Butane and propane can also be used as a fuel. Do not forget that after the replacement of gasoline other flammable, the car may need to be repaired.

Now you know all about choosing the right gasoline! We wish you good luck on the road!

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