What dreams of holy water?

What dreams of holy water? Most often dream books interpret such a dream in a positive way. But it is important to take into account the details of the dream, which the man saw in night dreams.

The interpretation of the dream book Thelomena

You will find peace of mind - that's what holy water dreams for. Nayav needs to open the soul for light feelings and bring good in the heart, then the vital harmony will always be near.

Treatment taking into account the details of sleep

When you dreamed that you were sprinkling a person with holy water - in reality, show a virtue in relation to the person who was sprayed. If this was your enemy, then you can easily defeat him in real life.

To good luck in any undertakings and excellent state of health - this is what dreams of drinking holy water. From the successful conduct of affairs on the soul will always be bright and joyful, which will positively affect health.

You will be able to overcome any difficulties that you will encounter on the path of life if you have seen in a dream how you wash yourself with holy water.Your guardian angels are not asleep and help with all their might. Muddy holy water spells hypocritical environment.

Dream Miller

The use of holy water in a dream promises a feeling of confidence and peace in reality. When experiences and anxieties leave the soul, you need to think about true needs.

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