What dreams of diamonds?

Since ancient times, our ancestors took their dreams very seriously, believing that they could foreshadow both good and bad events. The interpretation of dreams is a complex science, and a person who does not understand its subtleties cannot correctly interpret what he saw in a dream. Some people easily predict what to expect after a dream, listening only to their intuition.

Sometimes night visions are very easy to guess, for example, when they are associated with some good event or, on the contrary, gloomy. The jewels seen in a dream are most often not associated with anything bad, especially in women. But what dreams of diamonds? What to expect from such dreams - joyful events or bitter disappointments?

If you dreamed a diamond ring ...

Existing dream books interpret such dreams differently. But they all agree on one thing - such a vision predicts the achievement of goals, as well as the successful completion of planned tasks. Another solution to the dream of a diamond ring is a quick, useful acquaintance.In the event that a wedding ring, a man or a woman who saw such a dream, can have no doubt of their long and happy life.

What dreams of diamonds?

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If a girl had a dream that someone gave her a diamond ring, then there is a high probability that passionate and long-lasting love relationships will link her to the donor. If the person who presented such an expensive gift in a dream is a stranger, then very soon the girl will meet him in real life. Happy changes in life are waiting for the one who, in a dream, put a diamond ring on his finger to himself. Also, according to the Universal Dream Book, such a dream means that others are very respectful and valued by this person.

And if you dreamed that the diamond from the ring was lost? According to the interpreter of the Wanderers, such a dream foreshadows separation from a dear person. It may be short-lived, but there is also a chance that the relationship will never resume.

A good sign is a pebble found in a dream - in this case the broken link will be restored.

Earrings with Diamonds

When a woman dreams that she finds diamond earrings, it is a harbinger of a rich fan appearing in her life who will generously give her with expensive gifts. However, some dream books strongly recommend ladies not to allow close relationships with such fans until it becomes clear what the person is. Such caution will protect a woman from possible disappointments in the future.

Also a pleasant explanation of what dream of diamond earrings is, is the possible receipt of large financial gains. After such a dream, it is advisable to purchase a lottery ticket or make a profitable cash investment.

Unmarried girls, according to the female interpreter, are seen in a dream diamonds in earrings promise a quick marriage, and those who are already married - pregnancy.

Maya Dream Book

What dreams of diamonds in a dream, explains the dream book Maya. According to him, dreams in which a person sees gold and diamonds, mark the end of the black band in life and the beginning of new and pleasant events. Ancient Mayas recommend to give up wearing any decorations all the following day after such a vision.To make a pleasant omen come true, you should buy a bar of chocolate and eat it hourly every hour. To dream small diamonds or damaged ones is a bad sign. It means that a person may have serious troubles in the family.

To prevent such a situation, the Mayans advised to burn the bandage for three days in a row, after having sprinkled it with a few drops of blood. This rite, considered Maya, you can appease the gods, and they will help bring trouble.

Interpretations of popular dream books

People who believe that dreams foreshadow different events and who can’t solve them on their own often turn to the dream books they trust the most.

  1. According to the interpreter of the 21st century, the dream in which a person saw diamonds is very good. He promises great luck and success in business. The loss of a diamond in a dream can mean parting with a loved one.
  2. The spring interpreter explains the dream in which diamonds are present, human greed and greed, which a person may encounter.
  3. Medium Hasse explains why a gold ring with a diamond, received as a gift, is dreamed of by the fact that people enjoy great respect among people and can count on protection from troubles. If you have to collect scattered stones in a dream, this indicates ghostly hopes that will never come true.
  4. According to the esoteric dream artist E. Tsvetkov, diamonds found in a dream promise the acquisition of great and mutual love.
  5. Psychologist G. Miller in his dream book interprets a vision in which a woman's beloved gives a diamond jewelry, a beautiful wedding that awaits her in the near future. The loss of diamonds in a dream predicts shame and poverty.
What dreams of diamonds?

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However, do not get hung up on the interpretation of dreams. Not always they can mean possible changes in life. And if a diamond ring dreamed of a young girl who wants to get married, or an adult woman who constantly forgets to repair her old piece of jewelry, such a dream can be a common reflection of thoughts. Therefore, most likely, such a dream is not a forerunner of any events.

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