What dreams of a former boss: the interpretation of sleep

Knowing what the former chief of work dreams about, one can mentally prepare oneself for unpleasant events. The treatment of such dreams does not bode well.

Dream Dream Thelomena

The former dream chief is a warning that in the past you have many unsolved problems that you have already forgotten. But now they all float to the surface and you have to perforce to solve them.

A kiss with a former boss is a bad sign. Waiting for you trouble in the service, and this will be to blame just the former authorities.

The former boss, who dreamed of a man, promises him a meeting with an imperious woman who demands complete submission to herself.

But an unmarried girl who wants to know what her former boss dreams about can be happy. Her personal life will be arranged very soon. At the same time, her second half will be a long time familiar person, who was often close by, but never showed his feelings.

The interpretation of D. Loff

If in a dream you saw your friend in the role of the former boss, then the latter has a strong influence on you. At the same time you do not feel any discomfort and pressure, and fully agree with his authority.

If the former boss in a dream reincarnated as a sister or brother, you need to devote more time to family and close people. The work you have put in the first place, and this is wrong.

Seeing a former boss completely absorbed in work is a warning that you need to rest. Otherwise, stress can not be avoided.

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