Why dream of a bouquet of roses?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
February 19, 2015
Why dream of a bouquet of roses?

A bouquet of roses can be seen not only in real life, but also in a dream. But what does he foretell? To find out, you should familiarize yourself with interpretations from different dream books. They will allow you to correctly understand what dreams of a bouquet of roses.,

Below are interpretations of a dream with roses from a female dream book, a miller dream book, a Jewish dream book and a family sonic.

Female dream book

If the bouquet of roses was fresh and red, then a romantic date awaits you. If the flowers were fading, then you can not avoid problems in the family. To see a lush bouquet of roses in a dream - to prosperity. Throwing it out - to get a reprimand from the authorities. Buying a bouquet of roses in a dream - to trouble. To accept it as a birthday gift is a long and serious illness, which will be very difficult to recover from.

Dream Miller

The fragrant roses in the bouquet will mark the positive changes in your life that will begin soon. The impetus for them will be a new acquaintance. To see a small bouquet of roses - to the loyalty of the beloved.If the flowers were black, then it is to the emergence of hatred of a close friend and vain expectation. If in a dream you cut the roses yourself and made a bouquet of them, then in real life you have to work on very important and large projects. Your future will depend on how well this works.

Jewish dream book

If in a dream you saw a bouquet of red roses, then you will have a passionate night. White flowers mean bliss and joy. If the roses were with big thorns, then this is to the problems in the relationship and the obstacles in the affairs. Throwing a bouquet in the trash - to success in creativity. If in a dream you enjoyed the delicate scent of roses, then in reality you are waiting for the test. If you manage to cope with them, then you will become a rich man.

Family Dream

A beautiful bouquet of roses means success in your favorite business. If the flowers were fading, then in real life you will not be able to get support from a high-ranking person. To see a bouquet of pink roses in a dream - to receive an unexpected job offer.

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