What does fishing in a dream mean?

Dreamed of fishing - how to interpret such a dream? The answer is given by authoritative dream books.

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why dream of fishing
Why dream of fishing

Dream Interpretation Felomeny

According to this dream book, fishing foreshadows luck in small domestic issues. There will be a long-lost thing, they will return the old debt, a broken device will work - some trifle will unexpectedly please you.

To fish alone - will soon have to make a large purchase. If in a dream you watched others go fishing - to success. If you have conceived something, do not be afraid to try to realize your idea, it will be successful.

What dreams of fishing man? A dream says that he is not entirely sincere. If a man really thought to deceive someone, he should think well. Relationships with a person will remain hopelessly spoiled, and it will not be possible to extract much benefit from their deception. In addition, reputation will suffer. If deception is associated with a career, business, it is also better to give it up. The primacy obtained by dishonest means may provoke competitors to something unexpected.If you conceived financial fraud, it is quite possible to run into problems with the law.

For a girl, a dream about fishing is considered extremely favorable - he promises her a quick wedding. If a girl is not sure whether she should marry her companion, such a dream should be considered as a positive answer - you need to enter into a marriage, otherwise there is a risk of permanently destroying the relationship.

A fishing woman saw in a dream a married woman - her marriage will be happy and long. If a mature woman dreamed that she was fishing, such a dream speaks of her desire to improve her life through communication with a wealthy man. It is important that her feelings for the selected object were sincere, otherwise he will surely feel false.

I dreamed of fishing, but you do not catch a fish with a fishing rod, but with your hands - in reality you will have detractors, but if you catch a big fish with your hands - you will have success, the project started successfully. A man fishes with his hands - in reality he does not know how to restrain negative emotions, a married woman fishes with his hands - towards pregnancy, a young unmarried girl fishes - in reality he wants and is ready to have children.

Of great importance for the interpretation of sleep is that the water on the fishing was clear or muddy. Transparent water - to harmony in love relationships, fortunately, you were not mistaken in choosing a satellite. Muddy water - to treason, betrayal, your man wants to marry another, or your woman plans to break off relations.

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