What do Celtic tattoos mean?

Celtic tattoos are very popular, but many make them mindlessly. And if you decide to put such a tattoo on your body, then first find out what it means and whether it will work for you.

Who should choose them?

Who are Celtic tattoos? The Celts are a mysterious, strong and very brave people, who are remembered to this day. And all the images used for tattoos are very symbolic. To a greater extent, they are suitable for men, and bold, strong, independent, purposeful, self-confident and having an opinion.

Women also choose such patterns, but extremely rarely. They are suitable for the fair sex with a strong character and willpower.

One way or another, only a distinctive person with life values ​​and principles close to those of the Celtic culture can wear a Celtic tattoo.

What do Celtic tattoos mean?

The Celts attributed to any images a special deep meaning. If we consider all the Celtic tattoos in general, then we can distinguish several main points:

  • Continuity and close connection of absolutely all phenomena and processes occurring in the Universe.
  • The main elements of many patterns are interlacings and labyrinths, which in Celtic culture personified life's journey with all its difficulties.
  • The connection of body and soul, their unity.
  • Images often have no end, no beginning, and this is personified as the infinity of life, its continuation after death, and also the eternal cycle.
  • The relationship between earthly life and heavenly, their intersection.

And what do separate drawings mean?

  • The Celtic cross is the fusion of the main pagan symbol - the sun, as well as the Christian cross. This image is sometimes called the solar cross, and it represents the union of four natural elements and four sides of the world. He can also symbolize the constant development, self-improvement, the expansion of the boundaries of knowledge, as well as the connection of heaven and earth, that is, body and soul.
  • The triple Celtic spirals signified the triple spirit or the Christian Trinity. In addition, such an ornament was associated with spiritual self-knowledge and growth.
  • The Celtic knot represents the intertwining of the physical body and soul, and also the connection of the material world with the spiritual. And since the knot has no end and no beginning, he associated with eternity,
  • Many people associate the Celtic bracelet with loyalty, friendship, and love.
  • The tree of life, which in the photo looks like hands stretching towards the sky and having roots near the earth, personifies traditions and commitment to its kind, a certain tribute to the ancestors. In addition, it symbolized the bridge to the sky, as well as the union of the heavenly and earthly worlds.
  • Celtic cauldron brings inspiration and helps to gain new knowledge.
  • The leaves grow on trees, so that they are symbolized as an aid to deceased ancestors and gods.

Special attention should be paid to the value of animal tattoos, as the Celts believed that they could help people achieve harmony and unity with nature. And each of them differed certain qualities that passed to the owner of the tattoo.

  • The hare was regarded as a symbol of the immortality of the soul, rebirth, prosperity, wealth, prosperity.
  • Deer has always been considered the personification of independence, courage and courage.
  • The horse denotes fertility, energy, vitality, endurance and stamina.
  • The dog is considered a symbol of devotion, and can also bring good luck and luck and help cope with difficulties.
  • Snakes have always lived on earth, so in the Celtic culture they are considered the guardians of the earthly world and the healers. In addition, they symbolize fertility.
  • The bull is a symbol of masculinity, strength of body, will and spirit.
  • Pisces is considered a symbol of wisdom and the gift of foresight.
  • The dragon is the guardian of the gate to other worlds. Such an animal is associated with magic, power and strength.
  • Lion - the power and at the same time nobility, wisdom, ability to make decisions.
  • The Celts considered dolphins to be guides of the spiritual world through one of the elements of nature - water. And so these animals are associated with spirituality. They also represent the protection of the sea.
  • The boar is a symbol of ferocity, anger.
  • The Celtic cat was considered a funeral symbol, so it is rarely seen in images.

A special gift was attributed to the Celts to birds, which, in the opinion of this people, personified the spirit, or rather its freedom and the ability to communicate with the sky. In other words, birds are a kind of liberation of the human soul from the mortal body.

This is what the images of certain birds mean:

  • Crow has always been associated with something mystical, for example, with predictions.
  • Heron symbolizes vigilance, caution in everything.
  • Partridge means cunning.
  • Pheasant helps to foresee, to know everything in advance.
  • Dove - the personification of spirituality, peace, love.
  • The duck has always been considered a bird that united the earth and heavenly worlds.
  • Peacock is beauty and purity.

How to choose a place for a tattoo?

Celtic tattoo is best placed on the shoulder or back, especially if the image is quite large. Small patterns can be placed on the forearm or wrist, calf. And some men make a tattoo on his chest.

How to choose a picture?

There should be a meaning in the tattoo, so think about which image is closer to you. In addition, be sure to select an experienced master and appreciate his work, as low-quality Celtic pattern looks extremely unattractive.

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