What did you dream about a bathrobe

There are many interpretations of this symbol. The interpretation of sleep may depend on the color, shape and condition of the seen robe. Also of great importance is the profession of a person in such clothes. Remember all the details of the game. So it will be easier to know what it was like.

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What does the robe in the dream look like in the dream?

Ancient dream book

A bathrobe in a dream takes place if the partner is tired of the monotony in your intimate relationships. This is especially true of women. Loosen up and start behaving more freely with him, otherwise he will later go to another. If you dream of a man in a bathrobe at a party, try not to be frank with strangers, otherwise you will find yourself in a ridiculous situation.

Dream Dream Thelomena

According to this dream book, a robe is dreamed of all sorts of diseases and problems in life. Try not to appear at public events for a while. Caution now does not hurt you, because there is a big risk of falling into a criminal history with serious consequences.

Modern dream book

A dream in which there is an old and worn out robe, warns that it is time to stop manipulating loved ones, restricting their freedom. Do not be angry if for this reason they perceive you with hostility and refuse to contact you. Review your behavior, otherwise be left alone.

Dream and Dmitri and Hope of Winter

Wear a bathrobe in a dream - you need to free up time to solve the accumulated household chores. Dirty home clothes seem to be when a quarrel is about to happen in a house. A medical white gown on a friend foreshadows that you will soon need his help, and the worker speaks of work-related troubles.

Common dream book

Buying clothes like a bathrobe is a dream when a person is invited, who was invited and forgot about it long ago. If this item of home wardrobe in a dream was donated by someone from relatives, expect that relatives will call the one who is unpleasant to you in the house.

Spring dream book

Do not be surprised if you dreamed of a camouflage robe. For a man, this may mean a willingness to fight or hide his income.Kimono is usually a dream, if a person is waiting for sad events and changes in life.

Dream Dream

Wrap yourself in a terry robe - tired of being alone in real life. Now you just need to find a source for a new love. To do this, try to look perfect. With the advent of relationships, life will improve.

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