What colors suit bright blondes?

The perfect image is not only stylish clothes of actual styles. No less important are the colors, which are selected taking into account some features of the exterior. One of these features is hair color. And what colors are suitable for blondes?

What to consider when choosing the right colors?

The choice of the colors of clothes is affected not only by the color of the hair, but also by other features of the appearance:

  • Color of the skin. If it is pale, sharp contrasts will only highlight such a feature and make the appearance look tired or painful. But dark skin can and should be emphasized.
  • Eye color. Clothing should be combined with it: it is interesting to shade, make it more expressive or complement.
  • Fashion style. If youth directions presuppose a predominance of bold, rich and bright tones, then, for example, exceptionally calm, noble and muted tones fit into restrained and businesslike images.
  • Age. Young girls can afford absolutely everything, but for ladies at the age it is better to be more restrained: overly bright tones can draw attention to minor flaws and make the image inappropriate.
  • Complex.Owners of appetizing forms should pay attention to the calm, dark and restrained tones that will help visually stretch the silhouette and achieve visual harmony. But bright shades attract attention, flaunt flaws, as well as visually increase the volume of the body.
  • Shade of hair. All the blond tones can be divided into warm and cold. And depending on which scale the color of the curls belongs to, it is worth choosing clothes.
  • Relevance. Clothing should be, above all, appropriate. And if it is possible to go to a party or a meeting of friends in bright clothes, then for a more formal event or work in the office it is necessary to pick up something reserved and not stand out.

Consider hair color

On the question of what colors are suitable blondes, it is impossible to give a definite answer, as you have already managed to understand. And start the path to the right decision is based on the tone of hair. So, the owners of curls of a warm shade (honey, wheat) are suitable colors, also related to a warm palette, but preferably not pastel: they can literally "put out" the sunshine of your hair.

But bright colors will come in handy.Ashen or platinum blondes should pay attention to cold colors, and preferably reserved and muffled, such as blue, lilac.

There is another unspoken rule: the lighter the hair, the darker the clothes should be. If the curls are darker, then the blonde can easily afford any bright colors.

Choice of color with a shade of skin

Girls with light porcelain skin are best suited for gentle pastel colors, for example, pale pink, peach, pale yellow, lilac, pale green, and others. Cold tones can give a bluish tinge, and overly bright tones will create an inappropriate contrast and highlight pallor.

If the girl has a dark skin, then she should pay attention to bright and bright colors, such as coral, white, lemon, red, green. The first due to an interesting contrast will emphasize the "chocolate" shade of your body, and the second will complement it and make the image even brighter. Against the background of pastel and pale tones, the skin may just fade, and you will cease to be a gorgeous tanned blonde.

If the skin has an olive or peach shade, then you should consider rich and deep tones, for example, emerald, purple, dark blue, chocolate, burgundy and others.

Color matching based on eye color

Eye color also matters, because this part of the face is perhaps the most important and is often called the mirror of the soul. And so that such a mirror does not fade, consider this feature of appearance. For example, girls with blue or gray eyes should prefer muted and restrained tones, and it is desirable to match or at least harmonize with the color of the iris. Suitable blue, lilac, gray, muted blue, pink and gray. But bright shades can "put out" the eyes, making them expressionless and faded.

Blondes with brown or green eyes are more suited to the tones of the natural gamut, for example, pale yellow, chocolate, sandy, woody, pistachio, grass-green and others.

Tip: to find the most suitable color, try to bring the thing to your eyes and evaluate the tandem. If the eyes shine and look expressive, then the tone is yours. If they faded, then choose a different shade.

General recommendations

A few tips to help blondes find the most appropriate color:

  1. First of all, you should feel comfortable and confident in the clothes of the chosen color.Therefore, if the red feels “not your” color, then pay attention to another. And you can go another way and dilute the main color with others, then it will not seem so saturated and a little blurred in the overall set.
  2. It is worth to be more careful with green, especially bright, it is very artisanal and can give light curls an unattractive marshy shade. And in order to avoid such trouble, green things should be tried very carefully: to consider oneself in different angles, under different lighting conditions. And the saturated tones of this color do not differ by this feature, so feel free to choose them.
  3. Absolutely all blondes fit universal, stylish, elegant and never out of fashion in black. Therefore, if you doubt and can not decide, give preference to the unchanged classics, which is always appropriate.
  4. Do not forget that choosing the right color is also important when creating makeup. This is a separate topic, but in this case some general rules apply. The most important thing is the ratio of tones of cosmetics and skin to one scale, that is, either warm or cold.
  5. Try to experiment, combining and combining different tones: bold techniques sometimes work wonders and completely change the perception of colors. For example, an unsuitable tone for you may look harmonious in an image if you complement it with a color that suits you perfectly. You can also dilute shades of classic white and black.

If you are a blonde, then your task is to create an elegant and stylish look. And choosing the right colors of clothes will help you with this.

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