What colors are suitable blonde?

Julia Chmykhalo
Julia Chmykhalo
February 13, 2013
What colors are suitable blonde?

Light brown hair color is very interesting. It is believed that blond people are owners of light brown hair. However, all this is relative. Sometimes people with dark blond shades of hair are called brown-haired, and those whose hair color is light blond are blondes. Let's look at what colors are suitable blonde. How to choose the right clothes depending on the color scheme?

Choosing the color of clothes

Undoubtedly, any clothing should be selected in such a way that its color is in harmony with the color of hair, eyes and skin.

Dark blond hair color

If you are the owner of dark shades of light brown color, as well as pale skin and dark eyes, then you need to choose clothes of warm, light tones. In addition, it will look very impressive saturated colors, for example, rich green or yellow with a dark finish. If you do not want to emphasize the paleness of your skin, you can choose clothes, on the contrary, dark colors and cold shades.If you have green eyes and dark skin, you should opt for clothes from saturated purple, yellow and black colors.

Light blond hair color

If you have a light shade of blond hair, light skin and blue or green eyes, then you should stick to soft and fresh colors when choosing clothes. It is worth finding out what colors are light brown, with dark skin. They can safely choose different shades of blue and green tones. Chocolate shades should be avoided, as they can be extremely unprofitable to emphasize the darkness of your skin. And if you are a happy owner of gray, green or rare blue eyes, you can choose absolutely any colors and shades. However, the most advantageous to you will look clothes saturated bright colors.

Light brown color of medium intensity

Perhaps the most difficult thing is to decide which color of clothes suits the light brown one with an intermediate between light and dark shades of hair color. In this case, you can choose almost any color of clothing, most importantly, avoiding those that will unprofitable shade your hair. You should not buy clothes and very bright colors, as well as brown shades.

When choosing clothes, remember that, first of all, you are an individual; whether you stick to the rules or not is your own business. The owner of light blond hair can be dressed in red and dark blonde in white. This does not mean that girls will look unaesthetic and vulgar. But still, if you wanted to buy clothes that are not compatible with your hair color, try to complement your image with makeup and accessories.

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