What color is combined with blue?

Many of us do not even think how important the right combination of colors is in clothes, interior and visual arts. Blue - the color of the sky, which symbolizes the endless depths and boundless distance. Many colors are combined with blue, but for a perfect image you need to choose the right color scheme. With what colors does blue match, you will know when you finish reading this article to the end.

Take note!

If you want to look stylish, you need not only to know your colors, but also to be able to combine them correctly. Color can have a significant impact on the character of the image. In a suit, experts advise to use no more than three colors. One is basic, it should have a large area, the second is a supplement, and the third color acts as an accent.

Combinations of blue with flowers in clothes

What color does blue match? Many fashion experts believe that blue and beige are a great combination. Pale purple color with blue also looks harmonious.And if you add a little gray to blue, you get an elegant look. Blue is perfectly combined with juicy bright red color. If you want the attention of others to be focused only on you, then the trendy contrast of blue and yellow is for you. Wonderful version of sea blue with white. For business style, combine dark blue and white. Blue + green = unusual and bold combination. For a romantic and sophisticated look, combine blue and orange. Blue + black = business but stylish look. Dark blue perfectly complement the blue shades.

Blue in the interior

And now let's try to figure out what color is combined with blue in the interior. Indoors blue color may vary. For example, the use of dark blue in the carpet and blue wallpaper.

The use of related colors in interior design looks very harmonious. Blue-green and red-blue are two groups of related colors. The combination of light green and sea green is a fairly common solution for the interior of a room, including a nursery. Contrasting colors, such as blue and yellow, are appropriate to combine in children's rooms, which should be bright and saturated. But you need to be careful with bright contrasting combinations.Designers are advised to avoid excessive intrusiveness. It is advisable to use contrasting details (blue walls + yellow curtains or decor items). Blue + white in the interior is a great combination in the Scandinavian style. The use of blue and black designers are not recommended, but if you add more white, you get a good option.

Blue in art

  • Deep blue can be combined with bright pink and green, as well as silver, red and white, bright yellow.
  • Light blue in harmony in art with white, orange, yellow, etc.
  • Dark blue combine with blue, red, gray, brown, vanilla and purple.

Combine, experiment, make the images bright, harmonious and correct!

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