What are you in the eyes of men?

  • What are you in the eyes of men?


    You do not belong to those who make a lasting impression at first sight. Your sensuality is like a perfume with a delicate aroma. We need to come closer to you to catch their fragrance.

    For men who know little of you, you seem too choosy, because at the same time you encourage your own sensuality and limit yourself. If you want ice cream, this will be his particular brand. If you do not find this, then give up the pleasure.

    Likewise with men. You do not flirt with everyone, but are looking for a certain man. And it goes without saying that in the process of this you lose many of your non-binding impressions, putting sharp limits: “This is good, and this is bad.”

    Men secretly admire you, but do not dare to express their enthusiasm, for fear of your cold reaction and exactingness.

  • What are you in the eyes of men?


    Such sensuality comes from you that no man can calmly look at you. And nothing special for this you do not do. It's all about your natural sexuality and openness to the world.Your sincerity in expressing feelings is like a child's: you have retained in yourself an unchallenged ability to wonder and enjoy life.
    Sometimes you are misunderstood only because you do not hide your feelings. You are constantly open to the world, and therefore between you and the men with whom you communicate, there always arises some intimate contact. Some of them see you as a person with frivolous intentions. Therefore, in order to reduce the number of unpleasant situations to a minimum, you should unambiguously carry out personal boundaries.

  • What are you in the eyes of men?

    Girlfriend life

    You do not really understand these women's tricks - a dress with a bare back, a deep neckline, tall heels. And sometimes all this seems extremely vulgar to you. You are quite calm about the fact that you do not catch admiring men's views on yourself. Also, you do not understand why most women need it so much. After all, you can raise self-esteem in other ways.

    In the eyes of men, you are a faithful companion and a friend of life. A man with whom you can share all the problems, including personal ones. You know how to listen and give advice on request. Help in business. You usually find your relationship in joint work.And if for someone it may be too prosaic, for you relations, starting with common affairs, will turn out to be more stable and serious.

  • What are you in the eyes of men?

    The girl in the invisible cap

    A person who hides emotions from himself, is invisible to others. In particular, for men. Men usually do not see you as a woman, and you are not doing anything to notice you.

    You are afraid to open up to the world, therefore you are trying to maintain warm friendly relations with everyone. Although deep down you are an incorrigible romantic and want to meet the man of your dreams. Your problem is that, on the one hand, you are afraid of possible suffering, but on the other hand, you dream of finding someone who would rescue you from the captivity of fear. It seems to you that it cannot be done alone.

    Sensual joy makes you anxious. You are afraid to think about the depth of your secret desires, which seem to you a dark cave, from which it is impossible to get out. If you said it, remember the Indian proverb "Our happiness is in the same place where we are afraid of the most." Open your eyes, look through your fear and look around. Allow yourself to enjoy life and let your emotions out.And then you will definitely find someone who sees and appreciates you.

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