What are the types of shooters in makeup?

Arrows will help to make eyes expressive and bright. But for the look to be really interesting, find the right one and learn how to draw it.

What to draw?

What is best to use for drawing? Ideal - eyeliner. That it will allow to make clear lines. There are several options:

  • Liquid eyeliner is considered the most common type. The arrows will be thin, well-defined and smooth. But in order for them to be such, they will have to try. May need some workouts.
  • The gel piping. Thanks to a special gel texture, it is much easier to use such a liner. And the arrows will be neat and clear.
  • The eyeliner with the applicator (eyeliner-marker) will provide the most comfortable application and clear lines.
  • Solid eyeliner or pencil eyeliner - the best option for beginners. Lines are easy to apply, but they may not be very clear. Thin lines draw a pencil is not easy.

How to draw?

There are several ways to draw:

  1. Experienced make-up artists draw them literally with one hand movement, without taking the eyeliner from the eyelid. But this requires a certain skill.
  2. Draw on the points. First you need to put on the eyelid a few points along the contour of the future arrow, then connect them.
  3. The method of hatching. Draw the arrow in small, short strokes. It turns out a thin line, which is then painted over with a more confident layer.
  4. If you are a beginner, prepare a pencil. First, draw an arrow to them, remove all unnecessary, and then apply a liner along the prepared line.

What are the?

What kinds of shooters exist in eye makeup? Here are the most basic ones:

  1. Thin. You just need to outline the contour of the upper eyelid, having drawn a thin line (you can take it outside the outer corner).
  2. From the middle of the eye. The upper eyelid is completely outlined, but the line on the lower eyelid follows from its middle. The lower arrow should be connected with the upper one, and the inner corner should be emphasized with pearl light shades.
  3. Popular Egyptian arrow. To make it, draw rather thick arrows on the upper and lower eyelids.At the inner corner, they should be thin and slightly go beyond its limits, slightly falling down to the nose. You also need to bring the arrows around the outer corner, connecting them together and lifting the tip (it should be thin and sharp).
  4. Eastern or double. The lower and upper arrows are drawn separately. Start drawing each from the inside corner. In the end, do not connect them, but lead in parallel and lift to the temple.
  5. Wing arrows are drawn only on the upper eyelids. They really resemble the open wings of a bird and look very original and bright.
  6. Creative - can have any shape and shape. Just fantasize and improvise.
  7. Thick arrow is suitable for bright evening makeup. First draw a thin line, then mark the upper contours of the future thick arrow, then paint over the free space.
  8. Cat's eye. First, move the upper eyelid and lift the end of the line to the temple, slightly curving it. Then outline the lower eyelid, lead the line to the outer corner and connect the lower arrow with the upper, also lifting and bending it. Sketch all the voids.
  9. Feathery will make the look mysterious.After applying, simply blend out the contours with an eyeliner or dark shadows.
  10. Arrows like Marilyn Monroe. Outline the upper eyelid, pull the line beyond the outer corner and lift it. The tip of the arrow should be short and thicker than the main line.
  11. Audrey Hepburn. Starting from the inner corner, lead the arrow through the upper eyelid, make it thicker over the outer half of the eye. The tip should be thinner, shorter and slightly raised.

Choose according to the shape of the eyes

To make the arrows look spectacular, emphasize the eyes, make the eyes expressive and at the same time conceal flaws, when choosing them, consider the shape of their eyes.

Useful recommendations:

  • If the eyes are almond-shaped, then absolutely any form of arrows will do.
  • What are the arrows for narrow eyes? The best option would be wide and thickened in the middle of the upper eyelid. But do not take the arrow out of the outer corner. But the lower eyelid is better not to touch it at all, or to leave its third (from the inner corner) intact.
  • If the eyes are set wide, it is best to bring the upper eyelid along its entire contour and at the same time extend the arrow line to the bridge of the nose. By the growth of eyelashes, the line should be particularly clear.
  • If the eyes are set too close, then be sure to retreat from the inner corner. The arrow can be extended beyond the edge of the outer corner, but not too far (you can slightly round it out).
  • If your eyes are not as big as you would like, firstly, in no case let down the lower eyelid (this will only aggravate the situation). Also, pay attention to bright colors.
  • If the eyes are round, then it is better to outline with an eyeliner the contour of the whole eye both over the lower eyelid and the upper one. Lightly mark the inner corner and output the arrow by the outer, slightly lifting it.


Some useful tips to help make the arrows perfect:

  • Never draw arrows only on the lower eyelid.
  • Always draw a line as close as possible to the lash line.
  • It is most convenient to draw on slightly covered eyes.
  • Do not try to draw the arrow in one motion, it will not work out even and accurate.
  • The arrows on both eyes should be symmetrical and the same, otherwise the makeup will look ridiculous.
  • Practice learning how to draw arrows evenly and accurately.
  • To draw a smooth arrow, slightly pull the eyelid.

Choose the right arrows and conquer everyone with your eyes!

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