What are the earrings with jade

Earrings are popular jewelry that is loved and worn by young girls and women of older age. Called upon to make an expressive accent in the appearance of their owner, the earring is an element that complements the image, and, in the case of earrings with natural stones, a psychological satellite and assistant. Earrings with jade were and still are a fashion accessory, suitable for most women of various types.

Jade: Imperial Stone

Discovered in the Stone Age and used in view of its extraordinary strength for the manufacture of tools, the mineral was later transferred to the category of finishing and semi-precious stones. The recognized favorite of the Chinese emperors jade became the basis for the manufacture of festive tableware, ritual objects and first appeared as a spectacular addition to men's and women's jewelry.

According to legend, jade has healing properties, protects the wearer from failures, negative otherworldly forces, natural disasters and gives him strength.

A kind of talisman will hold his master through a series of any troubles with minimal expenditure of internal resources.

Chinese sages attached special importance to the characteristics of the magic stone, which symbolized the spiritual qualities of a person:

  • softened shine is a symbol of compassion;
  • firmness - justice and restraint in desires;
  • translucency - a symbol of openness of thoughts and honesty;
  • purity is the personification of wisdom;
  • consistency - the embodiment of perseverance and courage.

Recognized in such ancient times as the most beautiful and valuable stone jade and to this day remains popular among modern fashionistas.

What are the earrings with jade

Earrings with jade

Considering jewelry with jade, you should agree with the wise Chinese emperors - bright transparent or matte stones, cut in cabochon or used in the form of plate inserts, look nobly in rings and rings, in necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

In the earrings for the rim of jade using white or yellow gold, their combinations, as well as silver. Earrings with jade, processed in relief carved technique look elegant and feminine.

The unusual popularity of the stone often leads to the appearance of jewelry and imitations on the market.

For jade give out similar to him, cheaper ornamental stones - bovenite, amazonite, jade, serpentine serpentine, and even green marble.

Having a beautiful shades and semitones, a semiprecious mineral requires careful attention when choosing ornaments:

  • for dark-haired and dark-eyed women, a light-colored stone will do;
  • for blondes and fair-haired owners of gray, blue and green eyes, jade of a rich color will be preferable.

Jade earrings, the price of which varies depending on the size and transparency of the stone, its processing and the used frame, will not lose their beauty over the course of several years. The strength of jade according to the characteristics is not inferior to steel, there are no scratches on it, and the transparency and color of the stone is maintained regardless of the surrounding conditions.

What are the earrings with jade

Jade: combination with gold and silver

The jewelry industry offers a huge variety of jewelry with nephrite for elegant female ears: a generous color palette of mineral, modern processing technologies and numerous variations of frames allow you to purchase products based on aesthetic and financial wishes.

Ancient Chinese valued jade more expensive than gold, but as jewelry, earrings with jade in gold are extremely effective and capable of beautifying the everyday or evening female image, giving it softness and luxury.

Jewelers offer gold earrings with jade of different designs: from an unpretentious and thin gold frame designed to slightly emphasize the natural beauty of a stone, to commensurate steering elements serving as an equal partner of a jade mineral.

The choice of a particular model is recommended to be made on the basis of the color type of the woman and her personal preferences.

No less popular option are silver earrings with jade: silver favorably shades the natural color of the mineral - from natural marsh and green to grayish-blue and black. In addition, the soft shine of a noble metal gives the eyes of the owner of such earrings mystery and depth, and the extraordinary color of jade brings in them a magical "cat's" greens.

Proceeding from the assortment presented in jewelry stores, suitable earrings with jade are not at all a problem: modern designs, cut and frame, traditional hanging patterns and stud earrings make it possible to choose for all occasions.All kinds of earrings with jade will be a good solution for everyday and festive decoration or an exquisite gift for sophisticated people.

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