What are the combs and how to find the perfect hair for your hair?

Everyone knows that beautiful and well-groomed hair is the first sign of health and strength of the whole organism, girls with such hair always look very impressive.

But, unfortunately, not all of the fair sex know that the beauty and health of hair, in many respects, depends precisely on the correct comb.

There should be a lot of combs

We rush to expensive shampoos and professional products that promise a striking effect in just a few days, but do not suspect that even the most expensive shampoo can be impotent if the hair is injured daily with an irregular comb.

It turns out that a well-chosen comb or brush can not only carefully comb the curls, but also give them shine and gloss, enhance their growth and even relieve a headache!

That is why it is so important to know how to choose a comb for hair, based not only on its appearance, but also on the type of its own hair, materials and properties of a particular type of selected brush.

Even in the ancient world, women carefully looked after their appearance, and especially for their hair, because even then they knew that they were a kind of symbol of femininity and even sexuality. Hairbrushes were made from dried fish skeletons, dry sticks and other improvised means.

Over time, as the women's hairstyles became more complicated, the means that made it possible to unravel and style the curls in the right direction began to change: it was then that the first crests of wood, shells and animal bones appeared.

It turns out that the first crests that were found in Europe are the same age as the Stone Age. Over time, they were strongly modified, because even on such a subject of female beauty, various fashion trends influenced, but in the end, hairbrushes turned into habitual and simple hair care products for us.

What are the combs for care and styling?

It turns out that there is a considerable variety of different types and types of hairbrushes, and you probably already noticed this when you went to the store for the next “assistant” for your hair. But to choose the necessary and ideal representative is not so easy, because for each case of life you need your own, certain type, which will help to keep your curls in the best possible way.

In total, there are two main types of combs: these are care products (combs, brushes) and styling products (frame brushes, brasings), as one would expect, each type has its own advantages.

Scallops and combs

The very first and very convenient means for combing your hair. Experts recommend to give preference to the combs from natural materials, for example, wood, because they have a beneficial effect on the scalp and relieve static electricity well.

Hair comb

Combs made of juniper, oak or pine are particularly useful, they not only remove static electricity, but also are able to relieve dandruff, retain a pleasant aroma and have anti-stress effect on the scalp.

By the way, these scallops are great for applying masks and various cosmetics for hair, as they enhance their healing effects.

For thick curls, it is better to choose combs with rare teeth, and for rare ones - with frequent ones. For hair with a perm or for overdried strands, it is better to choose silicone combs, they share hair well.


A good massage of the scalp is necessary daily, as it contributes to increased blood rush to the surface of the skin, which, in turn, contributes to the accelerated growth of hairs.

Check out the silicone options.

Such a massage can be safely obtained with a conventional brush, if the process is carried out correctly, you can even relieve fatigue and ease the headache.

Brushes are best suited for thick and non-greasy hair, as the scalp massage stimulates the secretion of sebum, and it is transferred to the surface of the hair, which creates a permanent “dirty head” effect.

Such combs are also wooden, plastic, with a carbon or rubber base, with metal teeth or natural bristles.

It is believed that the best and most useful ones are natural bristle combs, as they smooth the curls very well, after which they become shiny and soft, without damaging the hairs or injuring the scalp.

The best quality bristles are pork, it removes static electricity and untangles ringlets. However, some girls do not have enough stiffness of such brushes, they are not able to cope with tight knots, so a mixed version can suit them - natural bristles plus plastic or silicone teeth.

For hair styling, special “skeletal” brushes are used; they are designed specifically for drying with a hair dryer.Rare teeth gently separate tangles, and holes in the base allow hot air to circulate, which protects the hairs and scalp from overheating.

Such combs often have a plastic version, do not be alarmed, in order to check such a comb, it is enough to hold the teeth on the back of the hand. If the feeling is calm and no scratches remain, then such a brush can be purchased. Plastic is one of the most hygienic materials, and this is the option that will help you to make the best bouffant.


Special combs for styling, for combing hair, they are poorly suited. Usually they have a rather round cylindrical shape, bristles can be represented by various materials: natural, nylon or plastic bristles.

Brashing for styling

These combs have a ceramic base, so be sure to check the brush for heat resistance. For long hair, it is best to use large brasings with natural bristles, but for short hair, such brushes of small diameter are suitable. Better curl curl is achieved with unnatural or mixed bristles.

Some more tips

Many are interested in the question of how much a good comb costs, but they do not even realize that the most important thing is not the price, but the right choice of a certain type. In many ways, it all depends on your hair. For example, if you have thick and long hair, then you need a bulge comb with sparse teeth. The harder the hair, the harder it should be the material from which the brush is made.

For girls with curly hair, it is best to buy scallops with very sparse teeth, preferably silicone or wooden, but they should not be discarded from massage brushes, especially as evening use.

If you have damaged, splitting hair, it is best to use brushes with natural bristles or wooden brushes with rare teeth. But for oily and mixed hair is best to use flat brushes.

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