What are statins?

Ivan Orlov
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What are statins?

In 1986, the American scientists Goldstein and Brown made the discovery. They proved that there are special receptors on the surface of the liver cells that recognize and seize the "bad" cholesterol, which then undergoes destruction in the liver. This discovery was the impetus for the production of statins. So what are statins?

Action statins

The number of receptors that destroy cholesterol in the liver is constantly changing. In a healthy person, if cholesterol in the blood does not exceed the norm, the number of receptors decreases. If the body gets cholesterol in excess, then the body of a healthy person to form excess cholesterol begins to form more receptors.

In people with hypertension, obesity, atherosclerosis, leading a sedentary lifestyle, the ability to form new receptors decreases. Thus, the mechanism of the "seizure and destruction" of cholesterol molecules weakens, and its level in the blood becomes excessively high. And this leads to the progress of atherosclerosis.The action of statins in the human body is designed to suppress the synthesis of cholesterol and increase the formation of receptors that destroy �bad� cholesterol. On the day, one or two pills are enough to bring it to the normal level.

Lipostat (pravastatin) and zocor (simvastatin) have proven themselves well. The best ability to reduce the "bad" cholesterol has liprimar (atorvastatin). He is the best selling drug in the world in this group.

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