Cinema for the weekend: "Made in America" ​​and 5 more films

What to do next weekend? Of course, go to the cinema! Among the premieres of this week is the complete drive of the film “Made in America” with the unrealistically young and resilient Tom Cruise, one of the best Russian films of this year “Arrhythmia”, the movie “Salyut-7” with Vdovichenkov and Derevianko in space, as well as the story of the survival of the hero Josh Hartnett in the snowy mountains.

"Made in America"

Forever young Tom Cruise in an adventurous biopic about a real American pilot.

Producer:Doug Lyman

Cast:Tom Cruise, Donal Gleason, Sarah Wright, Jesse Plemons, Caleb Landry Jones, Lola Kerk

Director Doug Lyman, who has already worked with Tom Cruise in "The Edge of the Future", filmed a vigorous adventurous thriller in the old school style. Barry Seale is a talented pilot who collaborated with the CIA while simultaneously carrying weapons and drugs, earning incredible sums. Forces was one of the richest people in America in the 80s, he had so much money that he had to bury bags with bundles of bills in the backyard. Adventures that have fallen to the share of mega-lucky pilot, so folding that they look like fictional.The 55-year-old Tom Cruise is a separate delight, still haunted by a star boy who shines with a Hollywood smile and shows excellent form.


Vdovichenkov and Derevyanko fly into space in knitted hats with pompoms.

Producer:Klim Shipenko
Cast:Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Pavel Derevyanko, Alexander Samoilenko, Vitaly Khaev, Oksana Fandera, Maria Mironova

When, in 1985, the Salyut-7 space station stopped responding to signals, a rescue mission was sent into orbit. Two cosmonauts must perform the most complex operation, they need to dock to the twenty-ton rotating station and make repairs. The film is based on real events, but it does not follow them to the full extent, the screen cosmonauts still had to overcome more obstacles than the real Vladimir Dzhanibekov and Viktor Savinykh.


A touching tape about a couple of doctors from a provincial city.

Producer:Boris Khlebnikov
Cast:Alexander Yatsenko, Irina Gorbacheva, Nikolai Schreiber, Maxim Lagashkin, Albina Tikhanova, Alexander Samoilenko

Oleg is an ambulance doctor. Katya is a doctor in the emergency room.On the birthday of her father, she writes Oleg sms: "We need to get a divorce," and they are leaving for different ends of a tiny rented apartment. Two people live nearby: she is in the room, he sleeps on an inflatable mattress in the kitchen. At work they have little deeds every day — the everyday routine of Russian doctors. At home, attempts are made to adjust life that has lost its former rhythm. It happens to many, and many recognize themselves in Katya and Oleg. The emotions of the characters never seem to be fake, and some of the medical scenes of the film were copied from real life.

"At a depth of 6 feet"

The real story of survival in the mountains.

Producer:Scott during
Cast:Josh Hartnett, Mira Sorvino, Sarah Dumont, Kale Callie, Jason Cottle

Former hockey player, Olympic champion Eric Lemark in search of adrenaline combines methamphetamine and aggressive snowboarding. Once Eric went to ride in the mountains, but went astray, fell into the icy water and froze wildly. On the sixth day of being in the snows, Eric was in a semi-conscious state, his legs barely moving, but the athlete forced himself to walk, gathering his will-power into a fist. Lemark was found on the eighth day. The athlete lost his legs, but survived.And I have not touched drugs since.

“How Vitka Garlic carried Lech Shtyr to the home for the disabled”

Razuhabistoe road movie under Russian rap.

Producer:Alexander Hunt
Cast:Alexey Serebryakov, Evgeny Tkachuk, Olga Lapshina, Alina Nasibullina, Georgy Kudrenko

The guy Vitka Garlic lives with his unloved wife and dreams of escaping to his mistress. Only here the eternal Russian problem with housing does not allow to realize the dream. When the former detsdomovets Vitka learns that his father, who left him dead, dies, he immediately decides to send the relative to the disabled home and move into his apartment. But on the way, it turns out that the father with a rich criminal past has gunpowder in the old dog box. The road for both of them is full of unexpected adventures and lessons.


Documentary film about a country that is experiencing difficult times, and about a family that lives in this country.

Producer:Vitaly Mansky

Vitaly Mansky's documentary films are more interesting to watch than some art paintings. After the tape about North Korea "In the rays of the sun" Mansky turns to Ukraine. After the story about the fake family of a little girl, the director shows his own relatives.The topic of the split of Ukraine merges with the family theme; the director takes his relatives and himself as the “human material”.

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