Wedding album

The wedding celebration is always wonderful - happy newlyweds, a stunning bridesmaid dress, cheerful guests, a generously laid table and intricate decoration of the banquet hall. However, after the end of the holiday, many moments are erased from memory, as time passes. How to keep at least a fraction of this wedding atmosphere?

A wedding album is a great way to capture the most touching, funny and funny memories “for centuries”. Imagine how great it will be to open the cover after a year or three or five years together, and inside you will see a photo with a gorgeous wedding cake, smart bridesmaids and a bride in a “smart” dress.

Many people prefer to use the services of a professional photographer, and then place the “fruits” of his creation on the purchased wedding album, accompanied by amusing inscriptions and wishes for the newlyweds. However, you can make a little effort and create a real work of art. Today we will take a closer look at the different options for decorating a wedding album.

Registration of a wedding photo album

If you chose a purchased album for photos, then you should first decide on the type of product. Today, on the shelves of stores you can find a variety of photo albums, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Album with "pockets" for a photo


This is a classic version - photos are placed in transparent plastic "pockets". The main advantages of this design method is to protect the surface of the image from dirt, as well as the ability to easily change the location of the photo at its discretion. However, the lack of “space” for fantasy is one of the essential “minuses” of such a way to decorate a wedding album - you just need to insert the photo into the “pockets”. In addition, you will have to select photos of only one format.

Album with sheets of "magnets"


This type of photo albums - the latest fashion "squeak." Its peculiarity is that the photos are placed on the main page, and then covered with a special transparent film. Hold the photo with the help of an adhesive substance applied to the main sheet. This makes it possible to place photos of various sizes in any "angles".

The disadvantage of the album with the "magnetic" sheets can be called the limited duration of the adhesive substance that holds the photos. Therefore, after a certain time photos may fall out of the "home" place. In addition, during long-term storage of the photo album, the yellowing of the magnetic film is possible.

Album "with corners"


Such a wedding album can be designed, for example, in the style of the 19th century. After all, it was in the old albums that photographs were attached using beautiful corners or glue on parchment paper pads. Today, instead of the corners, you can use double-sided sticker. Such design of the wedding album gives scope for imagination, as it is possible to design the design of each page - photos, ornaments, appliqués from sequins and scraps of fabric, inscriptions to young spouses. However, over time, some design elements may come off.

So, if you already have a ready album, it remains only to place wedding photos in his "pockets" or on magnetic sheets. In the album with "corners" the composition can be supplemented with original wishes or comments.

How to make a wedding album cover

The cover for the wedding album is a kind of “business card”. The choice of cover depends on the style of the wedding, the taste of the newlyweds, as well as on the creative and fantasy of the donor. In general, these details need to be carefully considered taking into account the wishes of all the “parties”.

The finished wedding album in a beautiful leather cover is practical and durable. In fact, the skin is resistant to damage and will reliably protect the contents of the album from the effects of time. On the photo - wedding albums in leather cover:


However, many of the skin will seem a bit of an “official” option, so you can pull velvet, silk or other luxurious fabric over it. A truly royal wedding photo album will turn out:


An excellent option could be a combination of different materials - for example, leather and velvet. The wedding photo of the newlyweds looks original on the cover, so choose the best photo for this purpose.

Wedding Album Style

The photo album usually displays a wedding theme, inner peace or hobbies of young spouses. Is your European style wedding? Make a photo album in the appropriate category with the addition of photos of a wedding cake, a bridal bouquet, premises for a wedding.Interesting stories can be thought up by placing photos of guests and relatives of the bride and groom in the album.


Fans of vintage style will have to taste the following wedding photo album design:


The pages of the wedding album can also be decorated in the style of "retro" - today it is fashionable. Choose funny pictures of the bride and groom in your childhood and combine all the elements of the composition together. Black-and-white photos will also add a zest to the retro-styled wedding album. The photo shows some options:


But look at the design of the album pages in different colors:


Wedding Album Scrapbooking

What is scrapbooking? This is a style of decor using different materials - lace, ribbons, beads, rhinestones, foil, paper, artificial flowers and many others. How to make a wedding album in scrapbooking style? Let's go through a small master class.

To begin with, we determine the size of the future album - we calculate, based on the size of the photos. For example, a photo size of 10x15 looks good on a 25x30 sheet. Take watercolor paper and cut out 14 sheets. Of them, we glue 12 pairs in pairs (we will have 6 sheets), and two sheets - on the flyleaves.Through a stencil on the sheets with the help of "golden" acrylic paint we apply a drawing-pattern. The edges of the sheet are tinted with a dry brush.


We make 12 substrates for a photo - by the number of pages of the album. We decompose several substrates in random order and apply a golden paint through the stencil. We got separate parts of the pattern on each substrate. It was original and creative!


Now we take a patterned hole punch and begin to decorate the corners of our sheets. Then it is necessary to determine on the substrate a slot for photographs. Use a pencil to mark the line and cut it with the help of a mock-up knife. When the slits are ready, the substrate is glued to the paper in a contrasting color. We carefully monitor, so as not to glue the slits!


So, the substrate of the wedding album is ready and you can glue it on our blank sheets. Now - that fantasy will tell! Lace, satin ribbons, rhinestones, flowers ... before starting the design, think carefully about the concept of the future product.


To create a cover you need to take a sufficiently thick cardboard, the size of which should be slightly larger than the sheets of the album. Then we cover the cardboard with a beautiful cloth - for example, velvet.How to calculate the size of the fabric? Spread it on the table, and put the cardboard on top. We retreat from the edges of the cardboard 2 - 3 cm, mark the lines and cut them. On the surface of the fabric, you can glue or sew lace or beads, as well as make an inscription on the wedding album - “Happy Wedding!”, “Congratulations!” Or other options. On the back of the cover we also sew or glue decorative ornaments.


So, we collect all the details of our cover. We take a piece of padding polyester, to which we apply a piece of cardboard, bending its edges inside the future cover. We cut off the corners of the sintepon to give a beautiful neat shape. We paste the synthetic winterizer to the base, and on top of it we glue the velvet fabric. The seamy side of the two parts of the cover is pasted over with a fly-leaf. On the front side of the cover we place the decorative elements - beads, ribbons, rhinestones.


Now you need to combine the prepared sheets of the album. For this we use double-sided tape and punch. We make holes, insert metal rings (eyelets), on which you need to collect all the sheets. For reliable fixation of the album cover, you can make a decorative bandage.


Wedding album with your own hands - we admire the result of work!

And here is another photo of wedding albums in scrapbooking style:


Alternative to the album - wedding photobook


The main difference between a photo book and an album is that photos are printed right on the page. Of course, you can not make such a thing yourself, so it's better to order a wedding photobook from a professional photographer. What is the principle of making a photobook? First you need to make computer collages that are then stitched together in the form of a book. Such a product is a true work of art, and, moreover, a very expensive one. However, many take such newfangled "trends" and order a wedding photobook.

Wedding albums - a great opportunity to capture the best moments of this happy and happy day. And if you make an album with your own hands, then a particle of your soul will remain in it. How nice it will be then again and again to turn it over with your beloved husband, and then with the children and grandchildren. For a long memory - the best memories!

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