Weather in Moscow in November 2016. What weather at the beginning and end of November in the capital and the region promises the most accurate forecast from the weather center

PMN-001What the weather will be like in Moscow in November 2016, forecasters already know today. Their latest, accurate and detailed forecast reports that meteorological indicators will not exceed the average standards and no one will have to suffer from sharp temperature differences. But the rainfall will be slightly more than usual. In the capital and the region, at the beginning of the month, the first snow will fall, however, for a long time it will not linger and the heavy rains that came along with the southern cyclone will quickly wash away the white cover from the street asphalt. In late November, a cold snap will come to replace the warm weather, accompanied by gusty wind and sleet.Precipitation will end on November 28 and for the remaining couple of days the Moscow avenues will dry completely under the timid rays that suddenly appeared from behind the clouds of the last autumn sun.

Weather for November 2016 in Moscow - the most accurate and detailed forecast from the weather center

Cold, severe, gloomy and rich in precipitation - that's what the weather will be in Moscow in November 2016 according to the most detailed and accurate forecast of the hydrometeorological center. Based on long-term observations of the weather situation in the region, weather forecasters say that the first day of the month will meet Muscovites and guests of the capital with variable cloudiness and an average daytime temperature of -1 ° C. From 2 to 4, the number will get a little warmer (up to + 3 ° C), but the sky will still remain covered with clouds and sometimes small snow will fall, turning into a drizzling rain. 5 and 6 will sharply become colder and the thermometer will slide to the mark -3 ... 4 ° C during the day and -7 ... 8 ° C at night. Precipitation is not expected these days, and a light breeze will even be able to disperse the clouds, and the inhabitants of the city will see though a cold, but still such a welcome sun.


From November 7 to 14, the weather in Moscow will change. The temperature will start to rise and reach + 7 ° C, howeveralong with this “global” warming, protracted rains will come to Moscow. You need to take an umbrella with you every day, otherwise there will be a risk of getting wet through and catch a cold. A small “window” in the wet period will last for three days and will be marked by a slight cooling (no more than + 2 ° C during the day).

From November 18, Moscow will fall into the power of the northern cyclone. The mercury column will slowly crawl down, cross the 0 ° C mark and stop at -4 ° C. This weather will last until the 27th and every day will be accompanied by a gusty wind, ice and rain in the form of wet snow sticking to the wires.


From November 28, a warmer weather will be established in the capital. On the thermometers, the numbers + 2 ... 5 ° C, which are pleasant for this period of time, are indicated, and the rainy snow elements will be replaced by partly cloudy and light rains. The month will end with clear, windless weather and the traditional cold for the beginning of winter (from -1 ° C to + 1 ° C during the day and about -3 ° C at night).

Weather from the Russian weather center in November 2016 in the Moscow region


Almost exactly the same as in Moscow, the weather will be in November 2016 in the Moscow region. The latest forecast from the weather center reportsthat in the beginning of the month in the southern parts of the region the pleasant autumn heat will still linger, while in the north and north-west the weather will be controlled by arctic cyclones. They will bring the first frost to cities and towns (from -1 ° C to -6 ° C in the daytime and to -10 ° C at night).

After November 10, the entire Moscow region will become warmer. In the south and southeast, thermometers will show up to + 10 ... 12 ° C, and in the northwestern part, the mercury column will confidently overcome the 0 ° C mark and reach + 5 ° C. In the central part and the suburbs of the capital will be about + 6 ... 8 ° C in the morning and around + 3 ... 4 ° C in the evenings. At the end of the month, it will become cold to -5 ... 8 ° C in the north of the region and to -2 in the south and southwest.


The most characteristic feature of November for Moscow and the Moscow region will be precipitation and constant cloudiness. In total, within a month of completely clear and sunny days, no more than 5 will happen, in all the rest the sky will be tightly covered with a shroud of gray clouds. Rare rains in the beginning of November will turn into a daily pattern by the middle of the month. At the moment of lowering the temperature, the dampness will replace the sleet, and the suburban roads will be covered with a thin layer of ice and will make movement on public and private transport a rather unsafe occupation.Police representatives will remind the drivers of Moscow and the region that December is not far off, which means that it is time to “change” cars and buses into winter tires in order to avoid unforeseen emergency-dangerous situations.

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