We organize an ideal picnic

Finally, it was warm. And all of the stuffy apartments and houses tend closer to nature, to fresh air. And what to do in nature? Of course, to have a picnic. But how to organize it so that nothing is missed?

Make a plan

A picnic only at first glance seems like a simple idea. In fact, if you miss out on some little thing, you can spoil the mood for yourself and everyone else. So it is best to make a plan in advance and write down everything so that nothing is missed.

Ideal for two

Here are the main points:

  • Inventory. Be sure to write down everything you need to take with you. Do not forget about unforeseen circumstances, consider any likely force majeure.
  • Products. Make a list of dishes and necessary products. With this list, go to the store.
  • First Aid Kit. Be sure to take with you everything for first aid with cuts, insect bites and other troubles.
  • Entertainment. Want to spend time interesting and fun? Then make a list of entertainment in advance and all that can be useful for them.

Now we will dwell on each important point.

Choosing a place

A picnic in nature is great, but nature is different. The first thing you need to choose a place for a picnic. It is best to find it in advance so that on the date of the event you do not spend half a day looking for a suitable territory.

You can sunbathe

Here is what you need to pay attention to when choosing a place:

  • Permission to have a picnic in this place (from a private area you will simply be driven away).
  • Distance from civilization. Do you want to enjoy all the benefits of civilization? Go to the cottage or to the camp site. Do you want to feel unity with nature? Then it's better to go out of town.
  • Distance from the city. The long road is tiring, so choose a place near the city, which will be convenient to reach.
  • Protection from wind, rain and sun. It will be great if you have the opportunity to hide in the shade of the trees.
  • Territory. If you want, for example, to play football, then choose a place that assumes the presence of an even glade.
  • The proximity of the reservoir. Nice to sit by the lake or by the pond and enjoy the view. And some like fishing.
  • View. Agree, it is not very pleasant to observe mountains of garbage in front of you.So look around and choose the most beautiful and pleasant place that will allow you to get aesthetic pleasure.

How are we going to get there?

Having chosen a place, you need to think carefully about the ways of approaching it. For example, on a narrow path a large car will not pass. A low-slung car can "sit down" in the recess.

Take care of the treats

Consider how and on what all the participants of the event will get to the venue. If you have enough personal cars, then it's great. If they are not available, you can order a minibus, having agreed in advance with the driver and negotiating time and payment with him. It is better to choose the trusted transport companies, since an unfamiliar and unknown driver can simply deceive you.

What to take with you?

What to take with you on a picnic? Here are some things you might need:

  1. If you go on a picnic overnight, then take a tent.
  2. For sleep, pillows, blankets will also be required.
  3. It is better to sit on the bedspreads.
  4. If desired, you can take a small folding chairs to sit on them.
  5. Also useful cloth from the oilcloth for the arrangement of food.
  6. It is better to prepare firewood or coal in advance and bring it with you.Not the fact that you will find all this on the spot.
  7. Take the matches.
  8. Pump to inflate mattresses, boats and tires.
  9. If you plan to cook shish kebab, grab a brazier and skewers.
  10. Ignition fluid may be required, which will significantly speed up the process of cooking meat.
  11. Be sure to take knives with you: one is bigger for cutting meat and the other is smaller for cutting vegetables, fruits and bread.
  12. Disposable dishes for eating: plates, spoons, forks, cups.
  13. All products are best stored and transported in plastic containers, so take them.
  14. Be sure to take the garbage bags.
  15. Thermos may be required.
  16. Take wipes (dry paper and wet).
  17. Also grab the flashlights and lights.
  18. For cooking soup will need a cauldron.
  19. Hygienic supplies: toilet paper, toothbrushes and pastes, soap.
  20. Take more water to wash your hands.


What to cook for a picnic? You should not cook complex dishes, they are uncomfortable to eat, besides, many of them are very heavy and prevent you from having fun. You can make simple vegetable salads, sandwiches and so on.

Here is what you can take:

  • Meat for shish kebab.Choose it to your taste and the tastes of the other participants of the event.
  • Bread. It is eaten by many, so this item is important.
  • Vegetables: potatoes (you can boil it in advance or bake on the fire), cucumbers, tomatoes. Be sure to grab the greens. At once it is not necessary to cut the salad, it is better to cook it immediately on the place, so that it is tasty and fresh.
  • Salt.
  • Tea bags, coffee in the morning.
  • Sauces: ketchup, mayonnaise, meat sauce.
  • Drinks: juices, alcoholic beverages (in nature it is better not to abuse!) And so on. In any case, grab more ordinary drinking water.
  • For sandwiches, you can take sausage and cheese. You can immediately cut them into pieces and spread them along the containers.
  • Grab the fruit for a snack.
  • You can take sausages.
  • Boiled eggs will do, but they spoil pretty quickly.

To store all products, as already noted, is better and more convenient in plastic containers. If you have a cooler bag, be sure to use it to keep the food fresh and tasty. Wash everything before use!

Dress correctly

Clothes for a picnic should be comfortable and match the weather. In addition, in the warm season, there are many insects in nature that bite and can even be carriers of diseases. So it is better to choose closed things. Shoes should also be comfortable and closed.

Do not forget about the entertainment for children.

Be sure to remember that even the first warm spring sun can be dangerous, so be sure to grab hats.

The weather can be deceptive, so take with you something warm or, on the contrary, easier. But don't pack a whole bag of things! They do not need you. In the end, you go on a picnic, not a trip.


Be sure to play a picnic in fun games! Take with you “Twister”, cards, badminton, ball. You can play "Mafia" or "Crocodile". In general, spend time interesting, and not just sit still.

What else might be needed?

We need to prepare in advance for unforeseen situations. So take something else with you:

  • Insect repellent. It is better to choose sprays, they are easy to apply and can be sprayed on clothing, as well as on the grass at your location. Remember that the bites of some insects - it's not only unpleasant, but also dangerous.
  • In the medicine cabinet put antiseptic drugs: hydrogen peroxide, iodine, zelenku or alcohol. Grab the cotton wool, bandages, patch. Do not forget the harness, it may also be required. As for drugs, you can take a remedy for pain (Nurofen or something else), as well as indigestion (Smekta, Pancreatin).
  • Umbrellas or shelters from the rain.
  • Sunscreen.
  • A camera for capturing fun moments.

Happy and safe picnic to you!

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