Equip strategic zone

Each company has its own face and most often it is the reception. Despite the scope of activities, the size of the office, each company meets its visitors at the reception. In this place, the first impression of the company.Buying Receptionis not that simple. We must understand that the reception is a strategic zone. In this place, customers can gain confidence in the company, or turn around and leave without waiting for a meeting.

How to make the strategic zone as useful as possible and create a winning style? The policy of our country is such that any premises try to make the most of it in terms of functionality. The same applies to the reception. In the West, it is so customary that the reception is intended only for receiving visitors, customers and partners. Our mentality at the reception area appropriated many functions. In eighty offices out of a hundred at the reception, not only is the secretariat located, but also receives and distributes calls, prepares initial documentation, and carries out questionnaires.These functions suggest thatbuying a receptionis necessary not only for the receptionist, but also for the secretary, who will be comfortable with him performing all his many functions.

When choosing a reception, it’s best to turn to a designer or see ready-made options. For example, ATIKA-Mebel LLC offers its customers to get acquainted with the photos of ready-made reception desks and select the best option on their own. Naturally, the size and shape of the reception depends on the size and shape of the room. In some cases, an individual project is needed.

It is important to remember all the functions that the reception desk will perform. The employee should have enough space on the table for all office equipment, workplace and all this should ideally be combined with such a word as “comfort”. In order to create a respectable strategic zone, more than a dozen square meters are needed. It is very important to zone the hall at the reception and the lounge / waiting area (this place should have comfortable furniture, drinking water, magazines and other small items that can brighten up even the longest wait).You should not load the reception room with excess furniture, everything should be done with taste and designed in the same style.

Surprisingly, you can earn money at the reception desk or purchase profitable cooperation! It is enough just to place stands with advertising products not only of your company, but also of partners. Visitors at the time of waiting can gather important information and use it in the interests of the company.

Take care of the secretary who will communicate with visitors at the reception every day. It is advisable to do the reception desk high so that the secretary has his own fenced space and visitors cannot look into the papers.

All of the above requirements and functions are important to combine with the style of the entire office. Taking into account the current situation in the world of building materials, problems should not arise with the implementation of even the most daring idea. A wide range of materials, colors and accessories, will allow to realize almost any project!

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