We are responsible for improper parenting.

We are responsible for improper parenting.Education in conditions of increased responsibility. "Cinderella" ("And plant twelve rose bushes ...")
Such conditions are created when the heavy burden of caring for other family members, caring for the younger ones, housework, caring for sick family members, the need to start working early is placed on the child. We are responsible for improper parenting.


“Inverted Roles” In single-parent families (divorce, death of one of the parents), a small child takes the difficult care of a parent broken or weakened by his life loss.


The situation is especially difficult for the child if the mother falls ill after the divorce or the father becomes depressed after the unexpected death of his wife. To the sad feelings of a child about the loss of one of their parents joins the fear of losing the second parent, being left alone.


One can only marvel at the courage of these children, who in their 8-10 years hide tears, encourage their parents, help around the house,taking on the non-children's burden of duty, and in relation to the youngest child they take purely maternal care.


The nature and role of Cinderella. A child astenik gladly takes this difficult burden from fate. He adores his family and takes care of it with pleasure. However, a permanent regime of self-abasement, self-forgetting and the denial of one’s own rights can destroy self-esteem and lead to the formation of a personality so convenient for others, a person who is mainly concerned with how to sacrifice himself.


Cinderella is extremely sensitive to stress. However, if the interests of the family are at stake, the strength of her love, her dedication and selflessness make a miracle and turn her fragile nerves into steel. Protecting your family becomes the most vibrant behavioral response, the basis of behavior.


Children with other characters often reject the role of Cinderella. In the event that parents try to impose a regime of heightened responsibility, children often go into mischief, self-indulgence, behavioral violations and a departure from the family.

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