We are painting the windows for the New Year

New Year looking forward to both children and adults. To start creating a festive atmosphere in the house in advance, you can make New Year’s drawings on the windows. Children can and should be attracted to this interesting creative activity - the involvement in decorating the house will be pleasant to the kids, and they will be happy to draw opportunities for plenty. Figures on the windows for the New Year can be created by stenciling, and you can include fantasy and give the brush the will - maybe it will not turn out as clearly as in the pictures, but the soul will be invested more. Especially if these are New Year’s children’s drawings - you shouldn’t drive children into frames, it’s better to give them the opportunity to create.

We are painting the windows for the New Year

How to draw New Year's drawings?

If you decide to decorate the windows, decide on the materials that you will use. For this work, gouache, a mixture of watercolors and gouache, ordinary toothpaste, stained-glass paints (special children's, they are then easily removed), artificial snow with a convenient atomizer, will perfectly suit this work.Also at hand should be brushes and sponges (you can use ordinary kitchen sponges, with their help, the drawing will get relief).

If nature has not rewarded you with special artistic talents, you can always use the help of stencils. They can be bought in a special store, and you can download from the Internet and then cut. In any case, with their help, you can create a great image that will look great. Tip: do not use more than 4 colors, otherwise the picture will look coarse and incomprehensible.

Again, if you want to make New Year's drawings for children, you can find special stencils, and you can, as already mentioned above, give them complete freedom to decorate their own room.

We are painting the windows for the New Year

The order of work should be as follows:

  1. the drawing or stencil is outlined in black paint; afterwards it will not allow the colors to flow into each other and mix;
  2. when the contour is dry, you can apply colored paint in accordance with the idea;
  3. It is better to depict the snow with touches of a sponge, so it will turn out to be fluffy and voluminous;
  4. after complete drying, you can varnish the image with glitter.

We are painting the windows for the New Year

Christmas drawings on the glass with toothpaste

So the windows were decorated with our grandparents, but the method does not lose its relevance. To make such a picture, it is better to sponge, folded into a tube. So you have a great fluffy fir branches. For more subtle work, such as rays of snowflakes, use a brush. Toothpaste need to squeeze into a saucer, dunk there sponge or brush and draw or draw a stencil. When the paste dries out a little, you can add parts with a simple toothpick, tracing thin branches, lines on Christmas balls, etc. The method is absolutely safe and will surely please your children.

We are painting the windows for the New Year

Christmas drawings on the windows in gouache

Gouache is sold in any office supply store, so using it to make drawings for the New Year with your own hands will be quite easy. First, use a thin brush to circle the outline, let it dry a little, and then paint it. For the Christmas tree, use a combination of black and green colors, lighter at the edges, darker towards the middle. To draw a snowflake, mix white and blue paints and try to arrange the rays symmetrically - the picture will only benefit from this.Pictures on the windows for the New Year, the photos of which you could see, will help you to create a special mood among the household, as well as to rally the whole family in the works.

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