Ways to improve immunity in a child

Immunity in medical terminology means a natural barrier that protects the body against diseases, germs, and bacteria. In the fall, many are overwhelmed by the common cold, in winter the flu is rampant, spring is the time of beriberi. That is why the struggle to increase immunity is relevant at any time of the year.
Enhance immunity in a child
Enhance immunity in a child
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Children often get sick. The most favorable time for improving the immunity of a child is summer. During this period, health can be improved without using drugs. In folk medicine in store a lot of useful tips and advice.

Useful tips

Ways to improve immunity in a child are quite diverse. It is necessary to take into account that regular walks in the fresh air, physical exertion, adherence to the day regimen, and a balanced diet will only strengthen your efforts.

To improve immunity in the diet of the child should include the following products:

  • citrus
  • squash and squash
  • olive oil
  • pumpkin
  • Pine nuts
  • salmon
  • kiwi and strawberries
  • dairy
  • broccoli and carrots
Saturated fatty acids are also important for a healthy body.

They are usually found in seafood and fish. It should be borne in mind that heat treatment destroys them.

Medical recommendations

To date, there are a variety of drugs. With their help, you can also increase the immunity of both the child and the teenager. Guided by their state of health, they are prescribed by the attending physician. These drugs include immunotropic drugs, among which more than 200 types of immunomodulators.

An equally effective method to strengthen the immune defense is to vaccinate your child. Particularly relevant vaccines against influenza and hepatitis.

After vaccination, the body begins to produce the necessary antibodies independently.

To enhance the immunity in a child, you can also drink a special course of vitamins. In this case, you should consult with your doctor, as on the shelves of shops there is a very large selection of various complexes.

Among the natural remedies that can help strengthen the health of the child, various herbs (yarrow, celandine, red clover, St. John's wort, licorice, garlic, ginseng, etc.) can be mentioned.In this case, before using it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the appointment and contraindications.

Often the use of herbal infusions leads to addiction or allergic reactions.

The homeopathic method of improving immunity is gaining momentum lately. Especially when it comes to children's health. Such drugs may prescribe a homeopath. Before that, he will conduct a thorough diagnosis of the health of your child.

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