Do you want to meet New Year? Go to Italy

In each country, New Year and Christmas are undoubtedly celebrated in their own way, everywhere their traditions and a whole list of rituals, depending on which will form the basic concept of the holiday.

Italy will not be an exception, this country of cheerful and temperamental residents, celebrates these holidays noisy and bright, so to go there on a trip just during the Christmas holidays - a great idea for both experienced travelers and newcomers to this business!

Good mood is guaranteed

Despite the fact that Italy generously pampers with warm and sunny days, in winter and here winter makes itself felt: cold, the temperature often drops to minus marks, and therefore, the New Year's fairy tale is felt in full here.

How is Christmas and New Year celebrated in Italy? As we have already said, the main thing is bright emotions, which this incendiary nation, more than enough. Christmas is here, as in most other Catholic countries,celebrated much brighter and more serious than the New Year, this time is very different from the usual for us understanding of Christmas vacations.

That is why in Italy, preparations for such an important holiday begin from mid-December, at this time the cities are greatly transformed: Christmas trees and streets are dressed up, red ribbons and colorful lights are hung everywhere, Christmas symbols appear, and in each church there is a cradle in which with the onset of Christmas , put the baby.


If you decide to go to Italy for the New Year, then make sure you book your tour in advance, because this is the place where many people dream to go, especially during the holiday period. Despite the rather high prices, the demand remains high, because every true Catholic dreams of attending a Christmas service, where the Pope serves as his own persona.

It is worth noting that already 24, and even more so, 25 and 26 days in Italy are weekends, during this period you can hardly find open stores, traditional holiday souvenir fairs, as well as bars, clubs or pizzerias.

After that, a few working days come, and on January 31, 1, and sometimes even January 2, the weekend is again.At this time, the Italians are trying to visit their relatives, spend as much time as possible with the family.

Christmas in Italy

As we have already said, this holiday is celebrated here much brighter than the New Year; it is shrouded in a halo of awe, light and goodness. In the old days, preparation for the holiday began strictly on December 16. All the next 9 days, all family members were to meet strictly every evening to read prayers and light candles, today, of course, this tradition is observed only in deeply religious families.

Souvenir shop

By the way, an amazing statistic was noted: the number of believers in this country has extremely sharply decreased over the last couple of years, even a quarter of the population is present in church services.

However, the traditional Christmas dinner, without any changes, is paid a decent attention: according to the old customs this evening, preference should be given to low-fat products, such as meat, poultry or fish.

By the way, it is the fish dishes that prevail on the festive tables of the southern regions of the country, it can be spaghetti with cod or clams, mussels or various crustaceans.

But, for example, a traditional Christmas dish in the capital, Rome, was fried or baked eel. What is interesting, it is very important that he was certainly female with caviar. In fact, every region of Italy can boast of its unique Christmas treats.

They love holidays

You ask what is cooked in other areas? As we have already said, it is the dinner that pays great attention here, and therefore, in some parts of Italy the number of festive dishes can reach 15-20 different positions!

For example, in Bologna always prepare tortellini with meat, they are usually served together with a rich broth. But in Veneto on a festive table there is always dried cod, soaked and cooked in a special way, here it is called as “baccala”.

But the sweets across the country are the same: the traditional Pandoro and Panettone, which are very similar to our Easter cakes, only the Italians use cream, chocolate and dried fruits as a filling.

If you decide to walk along the street, you should definitely visit Presepio - staged barn and nursery, where Jesus Christ was born as a baby.Sometimes whole scenes are played here, but, more often, animals, the Virgin Mary and the Magi are replaced by figures, and the baby’s figure is laid in the nursery immediately after Christmas.

You'll like it

Do not forget to visit souvenir fairs, here you can find real Christmas works of art, unusual New Year's toys, sweets and toys for children. Most of the souvenirs can really be called unique, because many of them are handmade works.

On the night before Christmas, believers of the family go to serve the mass, the rest prefer to meet him at home with the family, and the next day go to church. It is on this day that little Italians receive gifts from Babbo Natal, who is similar to our Santa Claus or Santa Claus.

New Year in Italy

Unlike our holiday, in Italy, it is customary to celebrate New Year with friends; the more active and fun the better. Italians believe that this day you need to say goodbye to all negative emotions, leave them in the past, and fill the new life only with joy.

Especially for this, they even have an unusual tradition - all the locals try to dress up in red underwear, both men and women, on a holiday.It is believed that such a strange way allows you to attract well-being in the coming year.

Traditional treats

Despite the fact that the New Year is celebrated here on a smaller scale, there are a lot of diverse traditions for its celebration. For example, it’s worth the idea of ​​the Italians known to the whole world, which proposes to throw out all unnecessary items, clothes or household appliances that have accumulated over the year, it does not matter!

Thus, people made room for new things to be bought in the coming year. However, reviews of numerous travelers say that this tradition has long gone out of fashion due to its insecurity in relation to passers-by.


Another important ritual on New Year's Eve is the eating of lentil beans, which look like coins. It is believed that the more lentils eaten, the richer you will be in the coming year.

Young Italians strongly do not adhere to the ancient traditions, and go to clubs and cafes, where in the circle of noisy companies celebrate the holiday. Not a single New Year in Spain is complete without fireworks, the traditional clock fight at midnight and, of course, champagne.

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