Vitorgan brought the whole family to the premiere of "Election Day - 2"

The long-awaited film screening took place at the Moscow Cinema on 2 February.

Shortly before the Russian premiere, a VIP show of the Quartet I - Election Day - 2 was held at the cinema on Red Square. The culprits of the celebration gathered for the screening of all the members of the film crew, including Alexey Makarov, Maxim Vitorgan, Nonna Grishaeva.

Election Day - 2 Actors Photos
Star of the film "Election Day - 2"
Photo: Maxim Ratnikov

And many have come to watch the movie not alone. The largest support group was Maxim Vitorgan. Father Emmanuel Vitorgan and his wife, Ksenia Sobchak's beloved wife, and even her mother Lyudmila Narusova were on the list of “special guests” of the popular actor. By the way, mother-in-law attention to the press avoided especially. She even refused to go on the track.

“Something to photograph me ?! I came to watch a movie, ”she was confused.

Mikhail Kozyrev and Emmanuel Vitorgan with their wives photo
Maxim Vitorgan photo
Leonid Barats photo
Boris Belotserkovsky photo
Rostislav Khait with a girl, Alexander Demidov photo
Ksenia Sobchak photo
Camille Larin photo
Alexey Makarov photo
Vasily Utkin photo
Victoria Tolstoganova with her spouse photo
Elena Zilberkvit and Lyudmila Narusova photo
Alexey Kortnev photo
Mikhail Policemaiko with his wife photo
Nonna Grishaeva photo
Rostislav Khait with a girl photo
Yana Raskovalova photo
Mikhail Kozyrev and Emmanuel Vitorgan with their wives
Photo: Maxim Ratnikov
Maxim Vitorgan
Photo: Maxim Ratnikov
Leonid Barats
Photo: Maxim Ratnikov
Boris Belotserkovsky
Photo: Maxim Ratnikov
Rostislav Khait with a girl, Alexander Demidov
Photo: Maxim Ratnikov
Ksenia Sobchak
Photo: Maxim Ratnikov
Camille Larin
Photo: Maxim Ratnikov
Alexey Makarov
Photo: Maxim Ratnikov
Vasily Utkin
Photo: Maxim Ratnikov
Victoria Tolstoganova with her spouse
Photo: Maxim Ratnikov
Elena Zilberkvit and Lyudmila Narusova
Photo: Maxim Ratnikov
Alexey Kortnev
Photo: Maxim Ratnikov
Mikhail Policemaiko with his wife
Photo: Maxim Ratnikov
Nonna Grishaeva
Photo: Maxim Ratnikov
Rostislav Khait with a girl
Photo: Maxim Ratnikov
Yana Raskovalova
Photo: Maxim Ratnikov

Ex-spouse Barats: Leonid and Anna also appeared at the premiere. True, Leonid on the red carpet gave an interview. And Anna, apparently wishing to remain unnoticed, quickly flashed past the journalists and disappeared into the hall.

But Alexey Makarov simply bathed in the attention of the press. By the way, it was he who told everyone that the shooting of the film took place at a 45-degree heat ...

“It was so hot during filming that it was impossible to breathe. And we had to work, and not blow our fan.In general, a low bow to the group that has withstood all of this, ”said Makarov to Woman’s Day reporters. “Most of all,“ lucky ”Mikhail Efremov, who was shot with a beard glued to the belly and wearing a woolen robe.


Actors and journalists who appeared at the premiere of the film "Election Day - 2" on February 2, now discuss not only the motion picture. As it happens at social events, the current premiere was not without “special” news. This time, journalists have calculated the pregnancy of the wife of Konstantin Habensky!

Spouse Olga struggled to hide her interesting position. She hid under voluminous clothes and covered her stomach with her purse, but the secret still became clear!

The newborn baby will be the second child of 44-year-old Constantine. The first son, Ivan, recall, was born in 2008 (read more here).

By the way. What is the movie about...

The creator of the second part of the once terribly popular comedy did not become tricky with the plot.

At this time, decided to be elected ... again, Igor Tsaplin. And to win the regional vote helps him ... That's right! Already familiar to the viewer team of PR.

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