Vincent Cassel meets a 19 year old model

All disputes about the fact that after 40 years, men do not choose the same age, but start looking for girls under the age of 20, not such a tremor of air. Just look at Vincent Cassel - 50-year-old actor is experiencing a second youth in Tahiti, and, as usual, not one, but in the company of Tina Kunaki, a 19-year-old Italian model with exotic appearance. These two have been together for about a year and periodically fall into the cells in Ibiza, then in Paris. The difference in the age of 30 years of the ex-wife of Monica Bellucci does not bother, in the pictures of the paparazzi he looks like in the film "This awkward moment" about the summer and forbidden love - sexual and content like a cat.

The relationship of the couple does not particularly advertise, but also does not hide: so, recently, Tina laid out a picture with Vensen in Instagram, which collected more than 8 thousand likes and a hundred comments, in which some wish lucky luck, others are indignant, how could leave Monica.

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