"Vikings" and another 6 best costumed series


Canadian-Irish TV series about brave northern warriors, making aggressive raids on neighboring lands. Vikings are led by Ragnar Lothbrok, who, according to legend, is the son of Odin himself. The series has many advantages: picturesque Norwegian fjords, vigorous plot, bloody fights, brutal long-haired Vikings and separately Australian Travis Fimmel. And in the sixth season we are waiting for Prince Oleg in the person of Danila Kozlovsky!

The Tudors

Heinrich VIII, a vain voluptuary lover, is concerned about the succession to the throne, so he divorces his wife Catherine and marries the ambitious Anne Boleyn. After the release of the TV series “Tudors” by Henry, we now imagine ourselves as handsome Jonathan Reese-Meyers, and Anna Bolein as Natalie Dormer with sly eyes.


In the hands of the Pope concluded unlimited power. Many are seeking to occupy an important position, but this is only possible for Rodrigo Borgia, a member of the Borgia clan, known for his cunning, cunning and depravity. The new Pope Alexander VI is by no means an example of Christian morality.He leads undercover games, promotes relatives, bribes dissenters. Starring is aristocratic Jeremy Irons.

The Wolf Room

The mini-series on the manners of the Tudor era in 2016 received the Golden Globe Award and fascinated many. Still, in the role of Henry VIII - Damian Lewis, known for his work in the TV series “Motherland”, and in the role of the imperturbable Thomas Cromwell - Mark Ryloans with an expressive sad face. Because of the latter, it is worth watching this mini-series, confirming that an outstanding actor will be great both on the stage, in movies, and in the series.

"Fall of the Order"

Historical series about the last days of existence in the welfare of the legendary Order of the Templars, about his pursuit by Pope Clement V and the King of France. The spectators are waited by political fuss, large-scale battles with the effect of presence, the unshakable faith of the Knights Templar and the search for the Holy Grail.

Medici: Lords of Florence

Medici from merchants turned into one of the most noble families of Italy and the rulers of the Florentine Republic. What did they have to do? Something we remember from the mini-series "Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance", but in the new series the members of the Medici family are prettier, but the action is more alive.Dustin Hoffman plays Giovanni Medici, who started games, which led to the acquisition of the Italian family of a new status. Richard Madden - in the role of Cosimo Medici. The series was partially filmed in Florence. The creators of the series, apparently, love this city so much that they even included buildings that were not in existence during Cosimo’s rule.

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