Vase with flowers on the branch

Vase with flowers on the branch. This master class for making a vase with branches and flowers from the fameiran for home comfort. Gentle composition is easy to make and beautiful decoration in the interior of your home.
 A vase with flowers on a branch
For making we need:- an empty bottle. - dry sprigs of a tree. - foamiran pink color. - iron. - glue gun. - scissors. - spray or paint of gold color. . - a few beads of gold color. - dry bed (red) or acrylic paint. - a ball of thick yarn or thin rope for household needs . - Moment glue. - a piece of cardboard. Take a bottle and a ball of thread.
We take a bottle and a ball of thread
Prepare the branches and spray.
 Prepare the twigs and spray
In order to make the bottom for our bottle we will take the cardboard. We put the bottom of the bottle to a sheet of cardboard and draw around the contour.Cut the resulting circle and glue it to the bottom of our bottle. For this we will use the Moment glue.
 make a bottom
Begin to decorate, wrap the thread with an empty bottle. We smeared it well with Moment glue.
 Start decorating
The bottle is very quickly and easily pasted.
 glue the leaves from the New Year's twig
For decorating the finished bottle, you can use any little things in the house. You can even glue the leaves from a Christmas branch.
 glue the leaves from the new year's sprig
Let's start making flowers from pink plastic suede. We cut twenty circles in diameter of four cm. And from circles we form flowers with five petals.
 Cut twenty circles
Turn on the iron for the second position or wool.In the meantime, we paint the middle of our flowers in red. Now we take and apply face to the iron, hold it back quite a bit and let it go. Our flower changes shape a little. The leaves are squeezed inwards.
 paint the middle
And there was a little touch. With a glue gun we fix inside each flower four beads of golden color.
 we paint the middle parts
Now it's time for the branches. We paint them with gold paint.
 we paint branches
The bottle is ready, the flowers with stamens, the branches have dried and we will combine all this into one common interior composition. We have beautiful branches in a vase and we glue on them flowers with a glue gun. Everything is ready.
 Vase with flowers on a branch
Good luck to all.

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