Variety of electric heaters

The life of man has long ceased to be limited to wooden benches, windows of mica and a stove. The discovery in the last century of electricity produced a real revolution in the lives of citizens. This applies not only to large industries, but also to the domestic sphere. Today you will not surprise anyone with a mobile phone or TV. Without some attributes of technically advanced humanity, we do not imagine existence. Some of these things are electric heaters that save people from low temperatures. The developers of these devices take into account all the requests of different segments of the population and offer customers different variations.

Perhaps the most common option for increasing air temperature is the fan heater. These are the simplest and cheapest electric heaters. They are ceramic and spiral. Flows of cold air quickly heat up and blow out under the influence of the fan. Such devices quickly fill the room with warm air.A significant disadvantage of these heaters is that they contribute to the destruction of oxygen. When operating fan heaters, it must be remembered that using it in a small room is not recommended.

Wide recognition among the Russians received electric convectors. These are devices that look like a flat metal panel. They are compact and light, have a modern design, in harmony with any appearance of the room. The design is attached to the wall suspended. Air enters the lower opening of the convector, passes along the heating elements inside the device and exits through the upper valve. Due to inertia, such electric heaters help owners to save electricity.

A separate niche is occupied by infrared heaters. Unlike the usual designs, they process not air space, but objects, furniture and walls that are in the field of infrared rays. While the air stays fresh and cool, the bed, chairs and objects will be warm to the touch.

If you want to warm up the space in seconds, you need to use halogen and carbon heaters. The active elements in them are tubes with carbon fibers or halogen gas.Such electric heaters can also be used in open spaces, such as cafes or cinemas.

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