Valentine Greeting Card

Very soon, the romantic holiday of winter will be in our love, the full name of this holiday is Valentine's Day. This is a celebration of love, romance and tenderness. On this day, lovers congratulate each other bright greeting cards "Valentine", as well as other gifts. But the most important rule of this holiday is, of course, the valentine. Together with the congratulations guys present flowers, sweets, plush toys, and perfumery. Girls can also give something from perfumery or clothes, it is a bit more difficult for them to choose gifts, but here, for example, please their loved one with a handmade card, which any girl can do on her own. Handmade valentine will be a special and memorable gift for a loved one, because it will be made with soul and love. It is possible to make such a postcard using the scrapbooking technique, and thanks to this master class we will learn. For the master class we need to take: • A3 a sheet of watercolor paper; • Scheme; • Scrapbumag several shades; • Vivid pictures of a bear with a heart,heart with flowers; • Curb hole punch; • Greeting inscription and the inscription “Happy Valentine's Day”; • Red cardboard heart; • • Red satin ribbon with polka dots; • Pink ribbon organza; • Cabochons red-white and red, epoxy sticker with flowers; • White satin ribbon with red hearts; • Red buttons; • Red pearl beads (half-beads); • • Glue PVA; • Double-sided tape; • Red cabochon of polymer clay rosette; • Wide white rep ribbon in hearts; • Burgundy ink and roller with pores onom; • Ruler, scissors, pencil; • Sewing machine; • Glue gun.
 Valentine card
 we need to take First you need to prepare us an interesting valentine base. We take a sheet of watercolors, scheme, ruler, pencil and scissors.
 prepare an interesting foundation
 postcard basis
Measure out on watercolor the basis according to finished schema. We make the bending line with scissors and draw each line under the ruler.We fold the base along the curves of inward, then outward. We now take a curb hole punch and make lace like in the photo below.
 Fold the base
 curb hole punch doing lace
We take a roller with foam rubber, drop it into the ink pad and tint the top completely from the top.
 tinting on top of the fundamentals
 we tint the whole foundation from the top
Now we take the scrapbook and cut out of it such figures, as seen in the photo.
 scrap materials
Pictures are also tinted with a roller and glued to scrapes preform. We cut two pieces of satin ribbon into hearts of 15 cm each and glue them to the back side of the base in the center.
 two pieces of satin ribbon in hearts

We apply rep tape
We are applying the reps tape,sticking pictures to paper and sewing each machine.
 We attach rep ribbon
 sticking on the base
All scrap materials are two-sided we glue with adhesive tape on the base with small strips, then sew each separately.
 sticking on the foundation
 Cut off the watercolor strip
Now we make the clasp. We cut a strip of 3 * 20 cm from a watercolor. We make it tracery on both sides, divide into three parts 9.5 * 9.5 * 1 cm, draw curves. Cut a strip of scrapbook paper 2 * 20 cm, glue to the base and sew it on a typewriter. A picture of a heart, sticking on a red cardboard heart and sew. Heart sticking to the strip-lock with white glue.
Cut a strip of watercolor
 Cut a strip from a watercolor
Tie bows, cut out more hearts and sticking decorations to a card.
 We tie bows
We fold the card,we tie on the bow and dress the lock with a heart.
 Valentine card
 Fold the card
It turned out very bright and romantic card of an interesting form. Thank you all and successful creation!
 Valentine card
 Valentine's postcard

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