Using the Internet at work

the Internet

What is a worldwide network

The main advantage of the Internet is that it has made any information available to a person with a computer and a modem. Network users who have never traveled outside their cities or countries can take a virtual tour of the best museums in the world. Since the Internet is available to almost everyone today, people can be divided into those who use it correctly and those who use it incorrectly.


Remember that using the Internet at work means using it for business purposes. Do not surf the net during business hours, even if you think that “everyone is doing it.” In some companies, subordinates are allowed to use the Internet for personal purposes during the lunch break, but it is better to first ask the boss if this is allowed in your company.


Also, remember that in many companies, the system administrator monitors how employees use the Internet. It will be very sad if you get fired because of the errunda site. com.


And, of course, no company approves of visiting porn sites, even if you are viewing them alone and after work.


A programmer from one company went to work on Saturday to install new software on computers. To relax, about visited some "adult" sites from the computer of one of the employees. On Monday, this employee came to work, and when you connect to the Internet on her screen began to load porn sites, one after another. Finding out why this happened was not a big deal. Because of his stupidity, the programmer lost his job.


Useful tips online, on some sites, visitors are asked to leave their reviews. If you want to write something, remember that the insults here are completely out of place, like any other information. It is better to write: “If I have some wishes that could improve your work), than:“ Your site is none, and your company will burn out soon! ”The rougher your letter, the greater the likelihood that the Web-master will not be considered with him, taking him for the delirium of a madman.


If you are responsible for the content and design of the site, think about the users and place on the site only reliable and useful information. Remember that not all users have the same powerful computer as yours.If you are using an animation that requires a high level of computer software, place its counterpart for the machines easier on the site.

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