Use and effect of the moisturizing spray

What it is

Moisturizing spray - "ambulance" for the skin, an alternative to tonic. It allows you to refresh the skin and prepare it for further progress - the application of a cream or mask. The spray bottle is equipped with a spray gun, thanks to which it is convenient to use it everywhere: in the office, on the plane, on the beach.


Typically, the main component is thermal water: it is it that moisturizes and soothes the skin. If this ingredient is the only one, on the label instead of the word “spray” you will see the inscription “thermal water”. In other cases, the composition may include various vitamins, minerals, essential oils, plant extracts, hyaluronic acid, and others.


Spray is used whenever you want: in the morning immediately after washing, in the afternoon as needed, in the evening after removing makeup. It is convenient to spray the product onto the skin before applying the cream: this way more moisture is retained in the epidermis, and the cream will be more economical.You can spray spray on makeup, while cosmetics not only does not smear, but even become more resistant. Means well soothes the skin with sunburn, irritation, after epilation and other discomfort.


Sprays give the skin additional moisture: they fill it well and quickly with moisture, improving tone, instantly eliminating the feeling of tightness, softening and refreshing in the heat. However, their actions are short-lived, so the corresponding creams and serums cannot be replaced with sprays.

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