Unusual ideas for wedding invitations

Wedding - this is the first important event in the life of a young family, and the upcoming holiday all the newlyweds want to make special. Of course, the preparation for the celebration begins long before him, and today our article is devoted to the ideas of the most beautiful wedding invitations. After all, the invitation to tell your friends that your love will soon take on other outlines.

Original wedding invitations (photo)

Traditionally, invitation cards for a wedding and any other holiday are made of paper, cardboard using various decorations. However, today we can safely depart from the traditions - around us a lot of the most unusual things.

These cute knitted invitations for a winter wedding do not just invite guests to your holiday, but rather require their participation in a winter fairy tale.


The trend of the last seasons is the charming watercolor wedding invitations.Incredibly beautiful invitation cards can be made in the style of your event, for example, the colors of the colors are usually chosen to match the bride's dress. The bride and groom may have different invitations - to bridesmaids of the same color, friends to the other.


Wedding invitations in Love is the best way to tell your friends and family about the upcoming event. This nostalgic idea of ​​invitation cards for a wedding evokes pleasant emotions and awakens the desire to plunge into childhood, on a big holiday when cares do not concern you, and love is in the air.


Exquisite taste, aura of jewelry work, romantic mood - it's all about Tiffany style. A cute little blue box with a satin bow and a beautiful stone contains a surprise - a beautiful wedding invitation. An excellent complement will be lace and carved applications.


In addition to paper for making original wedding invitations, you can use a variety of materials. For example, such cute magnets bribe their sincerity - it is simply impossible to refuse an invitation!


A wedding is a sweet event for young people, but cardboard cards, which are familiar to everyone, often do not bring pleasure to invited guests.Be original - treat your friends with edible goodies, to which miniature wedding invitation cards are attached. Arrange a party, call all your acquaintances, and distribute such presents to them - delight and joy will not take long to wait.


Today in the store of educational games you can buy puzzles on any topic. Order the production of mini-puzzles with a photo of lovers and the text of the invitation - and the guests will not forget about the important date.


Another unusual idea for wedding invitations is a card deck. This option is perfect for a stylized gangster wedding.


A wedding invitation for parents should be special, but in general, the style of invitation cards depends on the sense of humor of your loved ones and on how they perceive trends. Classic invitation card will be a good option for parents.


The invitation can be made in the form of a heart, which will give the moment of delivery of special magic.


Original wedding invitations - a pledge of increased interest in the upcoming event, and a guarantee of good mood from the first minutes of the notice of the holiday.Our ideas of original wedding invitations will help you to decide on the general style of the wedding as well, and to complete this stage of preparation for the wedding you need textual invitations.


Wedding Invitation Texts

It’s not enough to choose the type of invitation cards for a wedding - inside you need to write the text of the invitation. It can be long, for example, in a humorous format (an unusual love story and a description of the upcoming event), or as short as possible - in this case, the bride and groom usually just set the date and call their friends on the holiday by name.

We offer you several different texts that you can use to fill out invitations to your wedding.

  1. Invitation to the wedding of parents:The first sunny day of July you, dear parents, could have been ordinary calendar days, but this year we have prepared a surprise. We invite you to our wedding! This magical event will take place thanks to you - our beloved mothers and fathers, because without you there would be no ourselves. We are waiting for you to 11:00 in the district registry office. Your children, Oleg and Lyudmila.
  2. Stylized wedding:Hello, our dear friends Svetlana and Egor! We are glad to inform you that our love has pushed us to create a new cell of society, so we want to invite you to our wedding.Be witnesses of this important event for us.

And in order for the angels to bless us, we ask you to clothe in the colors of the blue of heaven. Olga and Maxim.

  1. Invitation in verse:

We are glad to see those of you

To whom our step is not indifferent.

Let it be typical enough

And made, in general, more than once.


What of it? Now we are together!

The groom put the ring on the bride.

So come to congratulate us,

And send a trip,


And our joy to share,

In a glass of champagne pour,

Screaming is traditionally “bitter”,

Wish us happiness and not only!


  1. Original wedding invitation text:Film company Denis & Vika is glad to inform you about the opening of the casting for the role of honorable guests at our wedding. We invite you to take part in the filming of a new romantic film on the river bank in our country house! The event will take place on August 12 of this year at 14:30. The participants of the casting should have a good mood, a notebook with wishes to the young and an unmatched festive attire. We are looking forward to see you! Denis and Vika.
  2. How to write a funny text for wedding invitations:Representatives of the Amurchikov tribe, Alexey and Natalya, are pleased to invite you to the rite of initiation of the New Family.

According to the canons and traditions of the tribe
The rite can only happen on December 12, 2015 and has two acts.
Guest time and speech of the Goddess of the Temple of Vesta.
The central sanctuary of the creation of the Family is the Yurt of the Cupids of the Central Registry Office of Poltava, the time is 11.30.

"Feast to the whole world"
Tasting food, ritual dances.
Venue - Yurt restaurant "Scythia", Poltava, time - 15.00.

Alexey and Natalia.

  1. Classic invitation:Dear Anatoly and Elena! Your friends are in a hurry to announce the decision to create a strong family. September 14 this year will be a solemn marriage of two loving hearts, and we want to invite you as guests at this important event for us. The exit ceremony will take place at 16:20, you should arrive to the main port of the city, where you will find a snow-white yacht - on it we will go on our merry journey until the morning. Oksana and Dmitry.

You can fill in invitations to the wedding with the same text, changing only the names of the guests, but you can write different invitations for parents, witnesses and other guests. For example, witnesses will be happy to receive a playful letter, parents will like a warm and very sincere invitation, and for the guests prepare comic texts.

Use our ideas for making original wedding invitation cards with the most unusual and unique invitation texts.

And we wish you that the wedding banquet will be remembered for a lifetime, and for many years love remained in the photographs and in your hearts!

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