Trendy haircuts Fall-Winter 2015-2016: photos of the most fashionable short and long haircuts of 2016

Fashionable haircuts, Fall-Winter 2014-2015: photos of the most fashionable short and long haircuts in 2015Want to know what hairstyle will make a sensation and make you sexy? Of course, this is a short haircut. It will help to radically change the style and, in general, to revise the whole image as a whole. But not everyone is ready to part with her curls. Therefore, we are looking for less radical options and select a haircut that will make you the most fashionable.

Sports style is gaining momentum, and with it the fashion for comfortable and practical hairstyles. For short hair, it can be a relief “pixie” or a shortened leg bob. With long hair, no special changes have occurred: the classic cascade easily weaves into elegant braids or high bunches.

Fashionable short haircuts, Fall-Winter 2015-2016

Haircut “under the boy” is still mainstream. It looks especially good on blond hair of warm shades. Asymmetry in combination with side bangs or partings will hide imperfections of the face and make it more symmetrical and correct.To create a similar effect, cut the short side of your head as tightly as possible. If you do not like such experiments, ask the master to cut off the short side to the ear. Then you can stab her with a barrette at any time. The length of the bangs here depends on what you want to hide, for example, a long strand can soften the chin line and square jaw.
Trendy haircuts for short hair
For thin hair fit pixie with ragged edges. It will give the image easy negligence and enthusiasm. It is very easy to style this hair using dry shampoo. Spray it over your head, wait a few seconds and beat the hair with your hands. Also, with thin hair, stylists recommend a structural bean with a deep and low oblique parting. So the hairstyle will look more thick and lush. Curls can be made with the help of forceps: twist curls from the very roots, and leave the tips straight (then they can be curled in a different direction).

Fashionable haircuts for long hair, Autumn-Winter 2015-2016

The main focus is the layers. They will help you get rid of excessive volume and make your hair more dynamic. Parting is better to wear oblique, and make the bangs elongated.A striking example of such a haircut is Jennifer Aniston. You need to cut your hair once every two months, and best of all with hot scissors. They do not allow the ends to be cut and lose nutrients. For curly hair is also suitable haircut layers. You do not need to straighten them, curls - your faithful companions this season. It is better to make shorter curls on the face, and to shape the strands a little. For styling, lightly rub the hair at the roots and drizzle with varnish. Several curls can be curled with tongs and carelessly to dishevel.
Fashionable haircuts for long hair

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