Transfiguration of the dining table, which did not fit into the interior

Sometimes fate sends us gifts, the purpose of which is yet to be guessed. So it happened with this dining table with 5 chairs, which were received free of charge, but did not fit into the interior. Although the wood from which the furniture is made is heavy and good-quality, the old lacquered surface rubbed and in some places cracked. On the whole, the table looked old-fashioned and unattractive.

It was decided to remove the layer of old varnish with sandpaper, while leaving small "islands" of dark polish to give the chairs a fashionable style of "rustic". Rustic style allows you to create a warm and cozy atmosphere of a country house.

A sunflower was painted on the surface of the table. It was easy to make using a ready-made stencil.

The tinting of the flower is done with a stain based on natural Minvax oil, the color of walnut.Then the entire surface of the table was covered with a polyurethane protective layer, a simple rubbing with a cloth. Brushes are not needed.

Top view of the table

The chairs are covered with new leather upholstery

Sunflower from a closer distance.

Work completed!

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