Top 15 loudest weddings of the century

Many months are preparing for such weddings, the best designers of the world sew their wedding dresses, and during the ceremony hundreds of security guards protect the newlyweds from paparazzi. Woman's Day has gathered the loudest wedding ceremonies of the century.

The most stylish wedding

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Victoria and David Beckham

The wedding of Victoria and David Beckham was a royal sweep. Victoria chose the old Irish castle of Latrelstown in the suburb of Dublin for the ceremony. And so that there is no doubt that he and David are really the “royal couple”, the young were seated on gilded thrones, and the head of Victoria Beckham was decorated with a crown.

By the way, in 2015, Beckhams will celebrate the 16th anniversary of the marriage. They say they want to repeat their wedding vows.

Stars Weddings
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Elizabeth Taylor plus one

As is known,Hollywood star Elizabeth TaylorMarried repeatedly, and every time she looked amazing. Even preparing for the wedding, Liz could not forget how tightly her life is connected with the cinema.She chose fashionable images, which are so requested on the screen, each of the following her wedding took place in a new corner of the world, beautiful or exotic. And those tailors and makeup artists who collaborated with Elizabeth Taylor on the set took part in the preparation for all the weddings. And, I must say, the movie star tried so hard: the images of the Taylor-bride still remain a model for many girls who gather to the crown.

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